Marc Sparks Does the Math

Marc Sparks is no stranger to numbers. They have made him millions, spawned dozens of new companies, and therefore have never let him down. In looking at how to make the workspace for his company, Timber Creek Capital, LP, into a place where his employees could work in an atmosphere that would maximize productivity, Marc Sparks turned to numbers once again. Through his research, it was uncovered that the environment accounts for roughly one-quarter of what is necessary to succeed. That is a huge number. As with numbers and their motivational nature, the movie was on!

As originally reported on “PR Newswire,” Timber Creek Capital, LP, has moved to a new location. The reasons for the move are very telling. The first, and likely most important, is to be able to pipeline several projects. New space was necessary to be able to do this simultaneously, in one space, for as long as necessary, and to maximize that process. More to this point, these steps are carried out by the human capital Timber Creek invests in every day to help advance their mission. This is a very smart business as not only will there be more projects, they will also be handled by more productive employees. There are synergistic qualities here that are often overlooked in business but that which Marc Sparks will fail to respond to. It would seem he has no compunction about investing in people for the greater good.

Through philanthropic ventures involving the betterment of the disenfranchised and displaced, he has created affordable housing communities, given thousands of laptops to children, and has been involved in a homeless shelter for decades now. It would seem the fabric of his very successful life is never without concern for his fellow man. This kind of altruism is very rare and exactly what led him to help others who are less fortunate is also what led him to find a new workspace: reduce discomfort to enhance lives and to spur productivity.

Marc Sparks (on Twitter) is a great capitalist while still having concern for others. This is a rare find indeed. He is still doing all of this great work from Dallas, he just found a better space from which to do it. Mr. Sparks also has a very special calculator: it has a human button.

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