Marketing Property: Steps to Promoting Real Estate

Marketing property to sell your real estate can bring a big return. In 2020, realtors sold more than 6 million homes, according to the National Association of Realtors. Getting a slice of those sales means more money in your pocket!

Do you want a commanding lead in the local housing market? Do you want to be a dominant force in the property market?

Here’s how to market your property and promote your real estate.

Marketing Property Begins With Knowing Your Target Audience

Knowing your target audience could increase your cashflow dramatically. Who are you marketing to? Who are your buyers?

Many realtors carve out a market for themselves by only selling to high-income buyers. Selling only one type of property makes you an expert. People who want a high-end property will come to you.

Website Blogs Using SEO

Consider developing blogs for your website with search engine optimization or SEO. Search engines know what people search for when they get online. Using those keywords can help drive more traffic to your site.

Creating blogs around real estate topics can help when people type “what is the market value of property?” If that phrase is in one of your blogs, people will then get sent to your site.

The more things you learn about SEO, the more you can make it work for your business.

Email Marketing Campaign

Create an email marketing campaign for past and future clients when marketing property. List what is currently selling with links to the full real estate listing.

Email is personal because it comes right to your inbox. And unlike social media or other marketing forms, just about everyone uses email. People can click through photos and videos of the properties you are selling.

Use Social Media

About 70-percent of people use social media, and you can not ignore its power. Constant posting of what you sold and what’s coming onto the market will make you a power player. Show off the beautiful homes you are selling!

Create short informational videos. An educational video on ‘how to calculate market value of property’ gives people insight and helps them learn. Be the expert!

Let social media work to discover potential properties. How to find off-market properties? Ask the question on your social media pages about what properties they are about to put on the market.

Referrals Get More Clients

Was a client happy with your service? Ask them to write a referral. You can then post those referrals to your website or social media.

People do business with people they know and trust. Your clients are likely their friends and neighbors. Referrals get you more business!

Ways to Promote Real Estate

Marketing property happens in several ways, including knowing your audience and using a website or blog with SEO. Creating email marketing, using social media, and asking for referrals are also great ways.

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