Medium Hairstyle Ideas for Older Women Who Want a New Look

Trendy look: Medium, short bangs, long hair

Opposites attract, this widespread idea also works on hair. Short or medium bangs coupled with long hair are gaining popularity among trendsetters. We tell you who can wear this popular look, what to consider for the cut, how to get the most out of it, and some ideas for hairstyles with short bangs.More than a good union: some maintain a lasting relationship for many years, others break up quickly. From here, we declare ourselves fans of short bangs or even very short bangs, since we believe that they are very flattering and have more advantages than disadvantages.

Introducing the new trend of bangs: short, medium

Advantages of hairstyles with short, medium bangs:

·         A small cut in your bangs can change your look without changing the length of your hair.

·         The bangs make the whole hairstyle look softer and more voluminous.

·         Sharp features are softened by the short straight bangs.

·         Bangs can hide a large forehead and offset a long chin.

·         It is ideal to highlight your eyes and cheekbones.

Are you getting wrinkles on your forehead? The bangs cover them intelligently and rejuvenate the entire face.

Now the delicate version of the micro fringe is our favorite measure. Neither too short nor, of course, excessively long: a sufficient space between the eyebrows and the ends of the bangs is the ideal measure for this look. Now the eyebrows are accentuated. The bangs are cut rounded on the sides so that the transition to long hair is fluid and the ends blend smoothly. Regarding long hair, it is mandatory for this trend. “Opposites attract” is the motto. Hair should be at least shoulder length and styled in a tousled look. It is the contrast of the moment! 

Who suits short bangs better?

In general, you can apply the following rule: shoulder length hairstyles with short bangs are designed for long faces or with a large forehead. But with the right tricks, a proper cut, and the right hairstyle, any woman can pull it off. A little longer and edgy is recommended for round faces, while shorter and smoother is better for angular features. Be careful if your forehead is very narrow, as the bangs could be overwhelming and unbalance the proportions of the face.

What kind of hair texture is suitable for short or medium bangs?

If you want to cut short bangs, straight hair is best. However, the combination of long waves and bangs is also appealing, and you can always use irons to create a very chic and sophisticated look.

When should short bangs be avoided?

If you have very small natural curls or hair with a tendency to frizz, we advise you to stay away from this look. A hairstyle with bangs will also not work with a much defined swirl, because it makes the bangs very difficult to style. Remember: the whirlpool always wins!

How to style short bangs?

 The short bangs with short hair are a top look, but it requires a very well combed mane. A lot of effort! In the version with long hair, you can allow yourself to be more casual. Or even wild! The tousled style is in high demand, doing justice to the casual and ethnic look that is so popular now. In a natural way, bangs can be part of the look and just look tousled.


If you plan to cut your bangs, there are some additional questions to ask your stylist. What type of bangs will make my face stand out?

If you have a swirl, the thick bangs on your forehead are not for you. Instead, angled bangs and side bangs are much more effective for further advices click here.

Round face bangs

They should be slightly shorter than the length of the face and more accurately on the cheeks. They are sparse and light and can show off the forehead, which also adds length. Asymmetric locks are also a good choice as they distract your eyes.If the face is round, the side fringes create an arch that stretches the face. This is the case with Reese Witherspoon. Try a light, slightly flake-like fringe, slightly off the center of the forehead. This balances the prominent chin.

Oval face bangs

The oval shape is considered the best face to wear for all styles of bangs. All styles look good on your face, so you are free to choose the cut you like best. All styles perfectly complement the face and frame it.

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