Men’s Guide: How to style Up For Christmas Eve

How to style Up For Christmas Eve

Christmas is a busy time with all types of different events and gatherings. If you want to dress up like Mark Zuckerberg for the other eleven months of the year, you can do it. However, when December month comes around, you should step up. Or, at least you need to up your game during some occasions such as family dinner party, catch-up beers with old friends, the office Christmas party, corporate events, and odd night out with your favorite people. 

Christmas is a time of celebration. Therefore, don’t you think you should attend social events with confidence and in a way that reflects that in your dressings? If you are searching for some stimulation for what to wear to the Christmas party, then you are in the right place.  

This article will shed light on some dress-up options that help you to look stylish and trendy. From the Christmas jumper look to what to wear when you go to the pub, we have got you covered everything. 

So, without further upheaval, let us get started. 

  • The Black Tie Christmas Party

Don’t you own any black tie clothing? It is okay. We do not blame you. There are very few occasions when a dinner jacket with a black tie is required. Therefore, spending big on a suit that you will hardly wear one or two times a year makes little sense. And yet, when that black tie dress code invite comes around – mostly it will be in December – It is best to be prepared. 

Usually, this kind of formal Christmas party or event requires a tuxedo, shirt, and extraordinary tailoring. You can select a shawl or peak lapel to compliment your shoulders. You can choose darker shades to suit the occasion. A bow tie and pocket square can add the perfect finishing touch to your dress code. You can experiment with fabrics such as velvet and silk to help you stand out amongst the crowd. 

  • The Festive-Themed Christmas Party

Are you a guy who cannot help feeling speechless by the Christmas day and the delicious dinner? If yes, then a nice velvet suit will help you in showcasing how joyful you are. You can pick marron or red color to match the delightful Christmas theme. Even you can opt for a knit with a Fair Isle print. You can wear a textured jumper in a navy mix during the cold depths of winter.

You can look picture-perfect with a pair of deep brown or tan leather boots. It will help you in achieving a winter-ready look that is both festive and stylish. 

  • The Casual Pub Christmas Party

Generally, it is not required to dress up when you go to a pub. However, when it is Christmas, it is worth putting a little extra effort in. Usually, the cold weather offers you plenty of layering opportunities. You can bust out overshirts and rough knits and wear them under the outwear. 

You can keep things simple and opt for a thick lambswool roll neck under a cashmere blend overcoat. You can combine it with denim and complete the look and you can wear soled boots. 

And, do you know how to give your look a finishing touch? Wear a boldly patterned scarf. 

  • The Office Christmas Party

To choose what to wear at your office party is quite a complicated one. What you should wear will depend on several factors such as your regular office attire, what you will be doing, whether there will be any dress code, and so on. When it is an office Christmas party, all you need to keep in mind is you should not look too smart. However, you should make sure that your party attire looks professional. 

Therefore, ditch the ties and business suits. It would be best if you went for a more off-the-clock look when it comes to the office Christmas party. Wearing a blazer is always a secure bet, but you should avoid wearing a tie with it. So, wear unstructured blazer + soft shoulders instead of the sharper Savile Row Style. You can complete it by pairing it with a grandad collar shirt or knitted polo. If you want to add some festive feel, you can adjust your color palette by incorporating colors like red or green. 

  • The ‘Out-Out’ Christmas Party

Are you going out with your friends on a Christmas night? Well, in such a case, you do not need to impress anyone. However, it is worth working a little bit on your dress code. 

Dressing for a night out in cold weather is quite challenging. The reason behind it is you will be freezing outside but sweating inside if you overdo it. Therefore, a perfect layering is essential. 

So, leave the big thick coats at home and go for something more compact and likewise cozy. A shearling or bombard jacket will be the perfect pick in such a situation. 

You can go for a deep red or burgundy shirt and wear it untucked over black jeans and a matching roll neck below. If you feel you are getting too toasty, you can take the shirt and jacket off. By doing so, you will be all set to rock a monochromatic look that perfectly during the night out Christmas party with your loved ones. 


In a nutshell, deciding what to wear to special events like a Christmas party can feel overwhelming. However, in reality, it does not have to be. In many cases, usually, you have everything in your closet, but all you need to understand is how you can mix and match it to rock your look. The above-listed dress code suggestions will help you avoid any howlers. 

So, don’t miss your chance to shine with these ideas by Fashionterest. Understand the party’s theme and, based on it, select the dress code. The above-listed attire can add something spectacular to your Christmas evening and make your Christmas party one to remember.

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