Michael Osland Shares 3 TV Commercial Trends That Can Help Your Business In 2021

Michael Osland Shares 3 TV Commercial Trends That Can Help Your Business In 2021

We are well into 2021, and like last year and the year before that, video content is still one of the most effective and engaging forms of marketing. Almost 90% of marketers use videos, including television commercials, to advertise products and services, as well as educate and entertain their target audience. Today, with video consumption increasing at a steady pace, new platforms are starting to come up, and so are new formats, which is further bolstering this medium. If you are planning or considering a TV commercial as a part of your marketing campaign, here are some market trends that you need to focus on: If you own a business, then you must consider going for TV commercials as it is really successful nowadays. However, to effectively use the commercials, you must be aware of the latest trends.

1. Consumers are spending more time on video content

In a survey conducted by Nielsen, it was found that, on average, an adult above the age of 18 spends almost 12 hours with media every day, out of which video content accounts for nearly five and half hours. Also, among adults, TV has the highest weekly reach. The older generation is still a part of linear viewership, while the younger generations lean more towards streaming platforms.

2. There has been significant growth in OTT advertising

73% of the country’s households have access to televisions with internet support, and OTT content consumption is seeing significant growth. Your commercials must be able to appeal to this “cord-cutting” generation. OTT advertising allows you to use techniques such as advanced analytics and targeting to create more personalized ads that cater to your specific audience. According to Michael Osland, you must look closely at the OTT platforms and streaming services to use your commercials.

3. Addressable technology is more important than ever

One of the best ways to pique the interest of your audience is by creating advertisements and commercials that match their everyday interests. Addressable technology allows you to target even individual viewers in one household based on their video content consumption patterns and behaviors on different devices. It is a great choice for DRTV or Direct Response Television. There are a number of approaches you can easily use to target the minted demographic so you can grow your business exponentially.

Are you interested in giving your brand an effective boost? Reach out to a wider target market with a memorable TV commercial. Hire the services of a TV commercial production company, so that you can create an ad that leaves a lasting impression on the audience. Get in touch with the experts so you can know more in detail. You need to make sure that you are hiring the best TV commercial making or production company for your business. You can look online for the best options and narrow down the choices on the basis of their reviews.

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