Milestone for Mobile phones vs. Traditional phones vs. VoIP phones in Business world

Mobile phones vs. Traditional phones

If you own a business or working with more than one partner or employee then you definitely need a business phone system for your office. You will need a solution that can provide multiple lines for multiple calls to take place at the same time. But you also want the solution to be secure and flexible to meet your business needs. In today’s business world landline phones are no longer the sole option. Businesses have discovered several different ways to save money on business phone solutions to meet their business needs. VoIP is one of them. 

Landline/Traditional Telephones

Landlines telephone systems use fibre optic cables or copper wires for transmission of voice and data. The use of such wires makes the maintenance of these phone systems expensive. According to Forbes, the usage of traditional telephones has declined since the 2000s. Big Landline providers’ plans on expanding their mobile networks are replacing their landlines. However, businesses still opt for landlines. We are going to discuss the pros and cons of such a decision. 


  • One biggest benefit that people have of keeping the traditional phone system is familiarity. They prefer using the technology that they used and relied on for decades. Plus learning new technology might seem hard for some. 
  • Emergency calls placed from landlines are accurate. Besides, landlines work even in case of power failures. 


  • The biggest drawback of landlines is that they are location bound and you can only use them in one place.
  • Traditional phones tend to be on the expensive side and you often need two separate plans for local and long-distance calls. 
  • Another drawback is having limited features. The aging phone technology only offers a few add-ons for a high cost. 

Mobile Phones

           Mobile phones can be beneficial for businesses because of its mobility. However, spotty cell service can become detrimental to a business. With mobile phones employees can conduct business away from the office desk, can receive and reply to emails and answer important calls after working hours. More start-up businesses find it easier to ditch expensive landlines and use mobile phones instead. However, it can become expensive to provide every employee with their mobile phones. The more mobile phones the higher the bill.


  • The biggest benefit of cell phones is access. You can use mobiles to make and pick up calls regardless of your location. 
  • Another benefit is the multimedia communication that supports the Virtual landline. The number that you use for voice calls is also used to send SMS which helps in unifying communications across multiple platforms. 


  • The biggest drawback is the emergency service limitation. The accuracy of finding the location of an emergency call made from mobile is low. Plus, mobile calls can be routed to national calling centres, and time is crucial during emergencies. During natural disasters, emergency calls from cell phones can be misrouted by cell towers.
  • Although mobile services are used on smartphones, there are few ways to integrate voice calls with your other devices or apps. For instance, cell phone services don’t have native integration with smart assistants like Siri or Google Assistant. 

VoIP Phones

           Generally, VoIP needs a private IP network to transmit phone calls through bandwidth allocated to the system. VoIP comes with abundant features and add-ons. Typical VoIP phone features include call transfer, voicemail services, caller ID, call waiting and even some apps like weather reports. 


  • One of the biggest benefits of VoIP is its cost. Providers like VoIP Business offer places that include unlimited local calls and cheap long distance calls. Such plans can help businesses save money, time and effort. 
  • Another great benefit of VoIP is the range of its calling features like remote voicemail, call analytics and caller ID to name a few. 
  • The audio quality is HD through configurations tools that respond to networks.
  • VoIP business offers affordable international calls as low as local calls. Also, some plans include unlimited calling at a little cost.


The biggest con of VoIP services is that they depend on the internet so in case of power loss or no internet VoIP services won’t work.

Choosing a Phone System                                 

The best way to choose a phone system is to assess your business needs. The benefits of VoIP trump other services. But perhaps the use of services in combination could be beneficial such as using VoIP phone services in an office that forward calls to mobiles. 

So, VoIP systems are the preeminent need of every business nowadays and all businesses are likely to go with VoIP services. In the UK, 99.9% of users are satisfied with VoIP technology.

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