Top 6 Mogstation Optional Items You Need to Check Out


Mogstation is almost like a cash shop for FFXIV gamers where the players can pay real-world money to get optional items to make their Final Fantasy journey fun and exciting. There are many boosts that are also available at mogstation that the players can get to progress faster in the gameplay.

There are dozens of fun optional items that you can use from mogstation. But still, there are some items that you need to check out no matter what. These items are going to cost you money, but we promise you, it will be totally worth it.

So, let’s get started and see the top 6 mogstation optional items that are used by a huge base of FFXIV gamers

1. Awesome Mounts for a Fun Ride

Mogstation offers a huge collection of fun and awesome looking mounts that would allow you to travel around the world of Eorzea in a much faster way. The most popular mounts that you can get from this platform are the Fatter Cat mount, Fat Moogle Mount, Indigo Whale Mount, Carbuncle Mount and the SDS Fenrir Mount. These are just some of the mounts that you can try out. Although there are many other single and 2 person rides at mogstation, the ones mentioned here are the most popular ones.  

2. Planning your Wedding

Mog station offers you a complete wedding package that you can but which would allow you to plan your own wedding between the characters of your choice. It is a fun side story that would help you pass your free time. This package offers a wedding attire, wedding chocobo mount, quests and you can create an event where you can invite all your friends to be a part of this auspicious occasion. You’d be able to do it again on your wedding anniversary.

3. Play Dead Emote

Mogstation offers a huge collection of emotes that you can try out. Out of all the emotes that you can get from here, the Play Dead Emote is the most popular one. You can use this emote to play a prank on your friends, before or after the fight. This remote is really fun, especially its Lalafell version. Plus, it doesn’t cost much so you can have fun with it all you want.

4. Metallic Dyes

Although Dyes are quite common in FFXIV gameplay there are some special kinds of Dyes like the Metallic Dyes that you can only get from mogstation. These dyes would help create a shiny look for the outfit of your main character. So, if you want to add an extra classy shine to your character’s outfit, you need to check out the metallic dyes from mogstation.

5. EXP Boost

Getting EXP points is quite hard in FFXIV. Although you get 80 points as you start off in the main scenario of the game, getting the next 80 won’t be that easy. Luckily, there are many items in the mogstation that would help you earn EXP points in a much faster way. This would give you an EXP boost that would allow you to go far in less time. These items include the Demon Set outfit, the Friendship Circlet, Refer-a-Friend, Ala Mhigan earrings and so much more.

6. The Retainer Services

Retainer services allow you to buy up to 8 retainers that you can use to store your excess items or to give them to sell the items that you don’t need, on the Marketboard. You can learn more about retainer services at Plasticrypt. You can purchase the services of up to 8 retainers to lighten up your inventory space and to make space for more useful items.

Final Words

Once you login to your mogstation account, you’d be amazed at the number and diversity of optional items that it has to offer. These items are just not available in the standard gameplay, outside of mogstation. The above-mentioned items are the top ones that you need to check out to enhance your Final Fantasy gaming experience and to make it even more immersive. Make sure to check out all these items and let us know what you think about these in the comments section.

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