Most Common Health Ailments In Modern World

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Keeping up with the modern ways of living is not an easy task. There has been a huge uprise in the health ailments of people in the whole world, starting from the young ones to old people. Stress is something that affects millions of people around the world and causes greater damage to the overall health of an individual.

Doctors from top hospitals in Bangalore, Delhi, and Mumbai claim that the situation of health care has never been so serious in the past. Even the young ones have started to develop and show symptoms of issues that were seen among the older generation in the past.

Let’s know more about the most common health ailments affecting people around the world.


Millions of people are affected by stress and anxiety in the world these days, starting from the young children in school to older people in their fifties. Various people have all sorts of troubles to face every single day as our lives have become very competitive and fast-paced.

Sometimes, stress can also show up as a physical manifestation in the body like a sudden rise in heart rate, feeling panicked, issues related to blood pressure, etc. In the longer run, stress can also be one of the biggest causes of heart-related issues or even mental disorders like depression, bipolar disorder, or obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Depression is one of the most serious mental issues that people are experiencing these days. It can be observed in very young people also, making them feel hopeless and in some cases also causing people to take serious actions towards harming themselves physically or worse, taking their lives.

Stress can show up in various ways but can seriously damage and hamper the life of an individual, ripping them off with peace and calmness. Doctors from top hospitals in Bangalore, Delhi, and even psychologists and psychiatrists suggest taking immediate help if one starts to experience anxiety or stress at any stage of their lives.


Another common ailment that affects numerous people are disorders related to the heart. Our heart is a very important organ that pumps pure blood to all the organs of the body and pumps impure blood to the lungs for purification.

Heart functions can be impaired due to various reasons concerning the arteries, veins, chambers, or even the collection of fat in major arteries. In all these cases, the blood flow is disturbed and cannot occur smoothly. In some cases, the heart may just be required to do more work because the blood flow is disrupted.

Sometimes, the heart may also cease to control the blood flow through its various chambers, causing a stroke. A stroke is actually very common and in many cases can be life-threatening. In other cases, it can be cured with surgery or using devices like pacemakers.

Doctors suggest keeping the heart in good health by managing the intake of fats and oily food, eating fruits and vegetables, doing physical exercise every day, and having regular checkups to ensure the health of the heart. If one suffers from cholesterol, they should be more careful about their diet and time of eating and never miss their regular medication.


Arthritis affects people as they become older. This is a disease in which there occurs swelling and pain in the joints of the body, especially the knees. Due to pain and swelling, it becomes very difficult to even go about the regular day to day activities like walking or bending.

Many women and men also suffer from calcium and vitamin D deficiency which may also result in weak and painful bones and joints later in life or even during young age. There may be inflammation of tissues and bones that causes pain and swelling in various parts of the body like the lower back or neck.

Doctors suggest keeping the intake of calcium in check, intaking foods that are rich in calcium. It is also important to have enough vitamin D in the blood, which is only synthesized by exposure to the sun.

Due to the nature of jobs and lifestyle of people these days, sun exposure is not enough and thus one must make sure to get the vitamin D levels checked. In case of deficiency, intaking supplements is necessary.

Doctors also suggest engaging in physical activities like regular walking, running, using the stairs, doing yoga, and stretching in everyday life in order to keep the bones and joints working and moving for a longer time, ensuring smooth movements.

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