Most Trending French Torrent Websites of 2020

Trending French Torrent Websites

Most Trending French Torrent Websites of 2020 :

Take a look at the most famous French torrenting websites in 2020. The current rundown is refreshed with most recent data to ensure that you are updated with the most popular torrent sites and downloading top-notch French torrents. Half of the webpage list sites request you to sign in before you download music, movie and different files from the French torrent websites. A large portion of them are profoundly visited from Canada and Belgium as well. 

Torrents in France are very famous even when the government attempts to battle against some huge sites for copyright data sharing. The basic website visitor additionally is not ensured against specialists as downloading illicit substance can confront a few issues with local enactment. Many of the French torrent websites are entrenched and have a great deal of excellent content provided in the French language. The notoriety of these sites is steady and not significantly diminishing. Indeed, even now there are a few video trending sites who offer legitimate content with a significant budget-friendly subscription. 

Below are the best French torrent websites:

  • Torrent9 

Torrent9 is the famous French torrent website with trending music, games, movies torrents list. Its database incorporates over 2 million excellent quality torrents which are accessible for downloading with extra high speed. Some time prior, famous site SmarTorrent started diverting its guests to Torrent9 and this activity has been invigorated more like a trending torrent tracker in the French language. Page connect:

  • T411 

One of the greatest torrent websites T411 has numerous great and subjective torrent documents. As an extra advantage, this site has a highly visited discussion network with over 5.5 million individuals from Canada, Belgium and  France who can offer significant guidance nearly in any zone. T411 is carefully checking users’ proportions. Page connect: 

  • Cpasbien 

Cpasbien is a huge French torrent site with numerous old and new french movies. This website provides certain files which you couldn’t find in other comparative sites. Cpasbien’s greatest inconvenience is a large number of promotional ads, at times it’s even complicated to utilize it without advertisement blocker. Page interface: 

  • ZeTorrents 

A lot of games, music, film torrents are found at ZeTorrents site. This torrent tracker has a clean plan that results in high performance. There are in excess to 12’000 entertainment movies including an enormous library of documentary movies in the French language. Page interface: 

  • NexTorrent 

NexTorrent like other French torrenting websites conveys well-maintained record inventory with torrents. Its torrent documents are looked into before distributing to limit awful quality records and offer confided torrents. Page interface: 

  • Lien Torrent 

Lien Torrent website gives access to numerous famous music and movie torrents in the French language. The movie classification gives choice to filter them by type and other basic parameters. Page interface: 

  • Elite-Tracker 

The greatest and most visited tracker Elite-Tracker can provide access just by invitations. Here you can discover just excellent video quality like blue-ray and HD. It is compulsory to share records and have individual apportion on great levels to be a part of this site network. Page connect:

  • Ethor

Ethor is a private torrenting website where it is possible to discover numerous TV series, movies and different torrents. A large portion of Other users are situated in Canada, so the greatest speed for downloading torrents can be accomplished from the torrenting site in Canada. Page connect: 

  • OMGTorrent 

OMGTorrent webpage has an obsolete plan and adult commercial on the website yet it has an entrenched database with many French series and movies torrents. Indeed, along with these minuses consistently OMGTorrent websites have a strong number of visitors. Page link: omgtorrent.m

  • QcTorrent 

To begin utilizing QcTorrent there are two choices. First the paid option, second you can get a greeting from somebody to get the most recent French torrents. Individuals are dynamic and this is the fundamental motivation behind why QcTorrent is as yet alive. Page interface: 

  • MegaTorrent 

MegaTorrent website is well known among people who speak the French language like Belgium, Canada and France. It has games, music and numerous pictures in great HD quality. Page connect:

  • FrenchTorrentDB 

FrenchtorrentDB is one of the oldest private French torrents websites with numerous individuals. Some brief timeframe back it had some inside issues and which looked as the site had moved to another domain with slight changes in substance and structure. Page connect: 

  • Jeux Torrent 

Jeux Torrent site offers document sharing to games. In this site, you can discover all mainstream gaming stages like PS, PS or Xbox. It is an ideal place to spot and download the most recent game torrents. Page interface: 

  • HD-Only 

HD-Only torrent website the domain name as of now is clarifying the torrent private trackers key worth. The high-standard expectation of video content transferring and inclining toward HD only and the great proportion for the site individuals to get all the advantages of this site. Page interface: 

  • Limit of Eden 

Limit of Eden is a great private torrent website with a good network who has arrived at member limits. You could be fortunate if you discover the path of how to get in there and trade with torrents. Page connect:

  • Freedom -HD 

Freedom- HD is a private tracker of torrent and at demand, it prefers HD films in the French language. This site isn’t highly visited contrasted with other sites, however, who knows, it may offer something you are searching for. Page connect:

  • Mononoke BT 

Mononoke BT is a private torrent tracker of Anime for French native users. Site isn’t enormous yet steadfast individuals are refreshing substance effectively. Page connect: 

  • PlanetDoc 

E-learning private torrent tracker content, PlanetDoc has numerous video instructional exercises and documentary pictures. If you are excited to learn something new PlanetDoc can assist you with torrents. Page interface:


Finding a site for torrenting can be exceptionally tricky. Now that you have the list of trending French torrent websites, you can download the best site as per your preference.

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