Most Used Utility Mobile Applications

Within every smartphone device, there are various applications within the mobile device that provide users functional use on a routine basis. These utility applications may be simple in design and only include a few features that prove exceptionally useful for smart devices, tablets, and smartwatch users. Within the iOS and Android mobile app distribution stores, there are also utility applications that are available for download for improved device functionality and performance. 

Depending on the user’s needs, these utility apps serve to significantly benefit end-users with a user-friendly and simplistic design and responsive interface. In most cases, the typical mobile device user will integrate or interact with utility applications such as calculators, time and weather programs, measurement tools, cameras, clocks, email apps, trackers, virtual assistants, and GPS and map applications. For assistance developing a utility app for your target audiences or business needs, organizations may reach out to a local Los Angeles mobile app development agency such as

Most Used Utility Mobile Applications 

Smartphone Default and Pre-installed Apps 

On both iOS and Android operating systems, there are various built-in, pre-installed, and default mobile applications available for the end-user. Reasonably, these mobile applications may be used multiple times during a day for short periods, which explains why they are already easily available for smartphone, smartwatch, and tablet users. 

To list a few mobile utility applications set to default on mobile operating systems, there may be a calculator, measurement tool, flashlight, clock, camera, and weather app. From within each of these applications are a few select functions with optimal responsiveness on a user-friendly interface. 

Find My Device 

Find My Device is available on both iOS and Android mobile device platforms. The tracker offers users the ability to locate lost or stolen mobile technologies from an external source for security performances. The location of the device may be viewed on a map interface along with coordinates, time of location, type of device, and recent activities. The Find My Device on iOS mobile applications offers users the ability to view various device locations on a single mobile application while offering functions such as reporting lost devices, signing out of devices, and viewing details of the device. 

Google Maps 

iOS and Android Apps both include mapping programs within their operating systems for assisting users in GPS and Navigation. These mapping technologies include up-to-date navigation routes for walking, driving, bus, and train transits. Additionally, there are different imaging options for users to use along with weather conditions reports, compass tools, coordinate grids, and map details of selected locations and areas.  

Google Assistant and Siri 

Virtual assistants such as Google Assistant and Siri come pre-installed with these mobile operating systems. These technologies excel in performing various services for end-users and are voice initiated and directed for simplicity and functionality. These systems may also integrate artificial intelligence (AI) for further advanced assistance by predicting behaviors and offering recommendations users may consider. 

Google Office 

Without a doubt, Google series of office applications are very intuitive and offer end-users the functionality and services required to go about daily and business tasks. For example, there are Google Docs, Sheets, Powerpoints, Access, and more relevant brand apps that provide most users assistance in general and specific tasks. 

Within these applications, users may move files from one source to another third-party location or application and share progress on files within moments. Lastly, there are numerous features within Google Office applications that provide users with the capability to stay organized with both personal and professional matters. For additional resources to use, like Google Office, users may review apps to stay organized


GasBuddy is available on both iOS and Android app distribution stores. The mobile application guides users to the nearest, less expensive, restoration or gas service station. Additionally, the mobile application is community-responsive which means that gas prices may be updated per user for various stations. There are rewards, promotions, and user account information for additional user engagement. Most importantly, GasBuddy serves as one of the top utility apps available on the market due to the benefits of the service and ease of app use.  

Google Drive 

Google Drive serves as a storage and file-sharing mobile application available for iOS and Android users. Although there are various methods to share files with other users, there are exceptions to file sizes and restrictions that make Google Drive an exceptionally useful utility app available with mobile app markets. The mobile applications offer settings configurations, folder, and subfolder management, user access and permission allocation, and uploading features for multiple and different media files. 

Google Translate 

For users in foreign regions, Google Translate is an excellent mobile application for translating unfamiliar texts and voice speech. The mobile application is available for both iOS and Android mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches, and offers various translation services within the simple and user-friendly interface. 

Although there may be alternatives, Google Translate makes transcribing content easy and quick for all users. Users may also take screenshots of texts which may be converted into recognizable texts selected by the end-user. The mobile application undergoes regular updates and features many languages most mobile smart device users may interact with. 


Email providing systems (EPS) such as GMAIL are popularly used on iOS and Android device systems. The specific technologies make communicating to other users easy and quick. Beyond delivery and receipt of emails, users may synchronize their other email accounts to the mailing system, interact with chat features, and upload various file formats into the attachments of the composed messages for additional utility. 

Within the management settings, users may modify signatures, organize folders and subfolders, and enable various mailing features for scheduling and configuring each email. Lastly, there are calendar updates available for users to keep track of various social, business, and personal events. 


In conclusion, the most used utility mobile applications share common characteristics in terms of functionality and user-friendly interface, along with serving superior benefits for users on a frequent and routine basis. These utility mobile applications serve individual and business use due to the necessity of the function, ability to be operated on a frequent and routine basis, and app responsiveness. Above all, these utility apps may be stored already within mobile device operating systems to improve device functionality and performance. 


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