Need a Roofer? 3 Reasons to Hire Local

Picking out the right roofing contract can be a daunting prospect. Roof repairs are one of the biggest and most expensive routine maintenance jobs a homeowner will ever have to undertake, and making sure it’s done well is essential. 

While there is a tendency for homeowners to choose the largest and most visible contractor in their area, here are three reasons why choosing local roofing companies that are active specifically in your neighborhood is a better way to secure a good result. 


1. They Understand Local Conditions

Every roof is different, and must deal with different stresses. A century home with a steep pitched roof in a shady, protected neighborhood and a flat-roof bungalow by the seaside will age in different ways, and choosing a contractor who is familiar with the styles of home and weather conditions in your area will be better able to install a roof that takes these factors into account. 

Whether you need to contend with lake-effect snow or unusually rainy winters, a local roofing company will have the tools and know-how to deliver good results that will stand the test of time. 

This is true even from city to city. A company that does most of its work on commercial buildings in the downtown core of a major urban area may not be ideally suited to re-roofing residential homes in a mid-century suburb. If you live in a city like Ajax, hire a local company to do the work. They’ll know how to get it done right. 

2. They Can Help You with Repairs Down the Road

A good roof should be able to provide years of protection before it shows signs of age. But severe weather like hail storms and hurricanes can require cause even a brand-new roof trouble, and building a relationship with a local roofing company is a great way to ensure that should something happen to your roof in the years to come, the person you call is already knowledgeable with your property. 

Roofing companies that have deep roots in their neighborhood can sometimes install a new roof on a house two or three times as the decades pass, and can offer advice on maintenance work. 

This is even more important if you have a flat roof that requires more regular upkeep. Flat roofs come in many different styles and use a wide range of materials, so sticking with a good local company can make interim repairs a lot easier. 


3. They Have Skin in the Game

Finally, local roofing companies just have more to lose by doing bad work. If you work with a contractor from another city, they have less at stake in making sure the job is done well. 

Homeowners living in a community like Ajax may be tempted to work with one of the big companies based in the Toronto metropolitan area, but it is often easier to get quality work done when hiring a local Ajax roofing company that does a lot of work in the area and will be committed to doing the job right. 

Finding the right roofer can be the difference between a seamless and stress-free re-roofing job and a frustrating experience in which deadlines are extended and work is done poorly and over-budget. Working with a local company that has a good reputation is the best way to ensure you don’t come to regret your choice of contractor.

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