Never settle for anything other than the best when choosing office chairs

Never settle for anything other than the best when choosing office chairs

Nowadays, office chairs are more in focus because of the Covid19 pandemic when many companies have adapted the work from home model for their employees to maintain business continuity. Since the pandemic is continuing longer than anybody expected and emerging in new forms, it seems that the work from home model could become a viable option for many organizations in the future. Realizing that it can be a new trend, people started setting up work stations at home, which brought back the office chairs in focus.

The Covid19 pandemic and extended home isolation have taught us lessons about the importance of taking care of our health for combating the coronavirus infection effectively. Everyone has become more health-conscious. When setting up a comfortable workspace at home, they are ready to buy ergonomically designed chairs from APOL Singapore instead of saving some money by opting for cheaper versions. They know how costly the mistake can be if they choose a poorly designed but good looking chair on which they would spend long hours.

In this article, we will focus on the reasons for getting a great office chair that takes good care of your health.

Poor design of chair affects health and productivity

To test if a chair’s design is good for you, spend a few hours sitting on it at a stretch to understand how comfortable you feel and for how long. Some chairs might appear to be comfortable initially, but it does not last long. After some time, you start shifting and sliding while trying to find the position that makes you feel most comfortable. In the process, you could become used to some poor sitting posture that affects your spine health and causes problems for the whole body in the long term. Moreover, intermittently changing your sitting position causes much distraction from work and lowers your output which can be highly disappointing as it affects your performance adversely.

Take care of your lumbar

Choose only an ergonomically designed office chair as the design provides proper lumbar support, which is lacking in ordinary chairs. The feature is so much crucial that you can never ignore it when choosing chairs.  Chairs that do not include lumbar support in the design compel people to lean forward that unnaturally bends the spine. As a result, the lumbar region muscles experience too much stress and move away from their normal position, pressuring the spinal discs and restricting blood flow to the spinal tissues. It results in low back pain that can turn chronic and become a perennial health problem that affects your overall health and wellness.

Improved posture

The ergonomic design of chairs provides not only lumbar support but also facilitates good sitting posture. You can put your feet flat on the floor while sitting and a slight gap between the edge of the chair and the back of your knees makes sitting comfortable. By adjusting the seat height and the backrest, you can find the most comfortable and healthy sitting position.

Moreover, you can change positions quickly, which provides relief to the musculoskeletal system from undue stress.


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