New Girl: 5 Reasons Cece And Schmidt Were Meant To Be (& 5 They Weren’t)


On Fox’s hit comedy, New Girl, from the moment Jess’ best friend, Cece, walked into the loft, Schmidt was head over heels. The problem is, Schmidt was also a bit dumb when it came to matters of the heart, so it took years for Cece and Schmidt to finally get together for good.

There were a couple of false starts and a lot of breaking up and making up, but eventually, the two lovebirds figured it out, got married, and when the series fast-forwards three years later for its final season, we get to see Cece and Schmidt as parents to their daughter, Ruth Bader Parekh Schmidt.

10 Meant To Be: Cece Holds Schmidt’s Hand

In season one, episode five called, “Cece Crashes”, Cece and Schmidt share a really sweet moment after a series of unfortunate events. Cece has just ended things with her current boyfriend, a disc jockey who calls himself, “DJ DiaBeatIt”, and she gets very drunk while mourning the relationship.
Jess comes to the rescue and brings Cece back to the loft to crash. Schmidt tries to seize the opportunity with Cece but fails miserably. He apologizes to his new crush and she invites him to sleep next to her. Once Schmidt is in bed, Cece grabs his hand to hold.
9 Not Meant To Be: Their First Meeting

In the first episode of the series, Cece meets Jess’s new roommates, Coach, Nick, and Schmidt. The boys sit on the couch, across from Cece, it almost looks like they’re getting ready to interview her, but instead, Coach and Schmidt start to hit on her, with Schmidt doing most of the talking.

At one point, Schmidt takes his shirt off, and then immediately starts rambling, using what he thinks is a suave voice and cool demeanor. The way he is acting is so offensive, his roommates make him put money in the “Douche Jar”.

8 Meant To Be: The First Time They Sleep Together

Cece and Schmidt finally sleep with each other in the middle of season one. Cece is adamant about keeping their sexual relationship a secret, being mildly embarrassed about the fact that she’s been with Schmidt.
Schmidt, of course, wants to yell it from the rooftops, which seems obnoxious at first, but when he opens up to Cece, he tells her, “I want to tell people because I think that you re the dopest, flyest, smartest, ballsiest, b*tchiest, truly terrifying woman…” it’s actually pretty sweet.
7 Not Meant To Be: Cece Is Afraid To Tell Jess

Jess and Cece have been friends since kindergarten. They know all of each other’s deep, dark secrets and never keep things from each other. So, when Cece realizes she likes Schmidt, the first person she should want to tell is her best friend, but she doesn’t.

It’s one of the few times we ever see Cece hide anything from Jess and Jess has to find out through her own. If Cece can’t share her new love interest with her best friend, then he probably isn’t the right guy for her.

6 Meant To Be: Cece And Schmidt’s Pregnancy Scare

Towards the end of the first season, everyone knows about Cece and Schmidt and it seems everyone has accepted it, but of course, it doesn’t take long for the new relationship to hit a roadblock.
Cece thinks she might be pregnant and she freaks out, dodging Schmidt’s affection and keeping him in the dark for a while. When Cece finally does tell Schmidt she might be pregnant he embraces the news and really steps up to be there for her, even planning a proposal because he loves her and wants to support her.
5 Not Meant To Be: They Break Up

In the season one finale, it seems the whole gang is breaking up. Nick is moving out of the loft to move in with his ex, now not ex, girlfriend and the roommates are struggling to find someone to replace Nick in the loft.

On top of that, Schmidt visits Cece at a photo shoot and becomes insanely jealous when he sees the male model she’s working with. After a crazy day, the friends end up stranded in the desert and Schmidt “White Fang’s” Cece. He sets her free.

4 Meant To Be: They Get Back Together

Cece has always wanted to get married and have a family and after a lot of dating, and even some speed dating, Cece agrees to an arranged marriage with the man her parents want her to marry, Shivrang.
On her wedding day, Cece realizes she doesn’t want to marry Shivrang because she’s still in love with Schmidt. Shivrang is in love with someone else too, so they call the wedding off. Schmidt is now with Elizabeth, but it’s clear by the end of this episode, he loves Cece.
3 Not Meant To Be: Schmidt Cheats On Cece

After Cece and Shivrang call it quits at the alter, she and Schmidt get back together, the problem is, Schmidt never broke things off with Elizabeth before he and Cece started seeing each other again, creating a very messy and dangerous love triangle.
Eventually, Schmidt knows he has to choose and it looks like he’s going to choose Cece, but he doesn’t do it in time and when Cece finds out that Schmidt has been seeing Elizabeth behind her back, she is devastated.

2 Meant To Be: They Get Married

After more time apart and more of Schmidt scheming to win back Cece’s heart, and Cece confessing to Schmidt that she still loves him, the two finally get back together and are serious about it this time around. Schmidt proposes to Cece, somewhat impulsively.
Cece shows up at the loft because Schmidt has left her about twenty voicemails, and that’s when Schmidt gets down on one knee. Of course, Cece accepts and after some family drama on Cece’s side, the two finally tie the know with the help of their friends.
1 Not Meant To Be: Cece’s Mom Doesn’t Like Schmidt

Before Cece and Schmidt tie the knot, they throw an engagement party. Jess, knowing how much Cece looks up to her mother and wanting her mother’s approval, flies Mrs. Parekh in for the party. A lot of things go wrong for Jess’ plan.
Nick picks the wrong woman up from the airport, Jess throws herself down a flight of stairs, and once Mrs. Parekh finally shows up to the party, she tells Cece she doesn’t approve of Schmidt and doesn’t give the wedding her blessing.
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