No, ‘hantavirus’ won’t be the next global pandemic after coronavirus – here’s why


Wednesday, 25th March 2020, 2: 06 pm

As the entire world carries on to struggle with the accelerating coronavirus pandemic, there are fears that a different lethal health issues has the possible to sweep the earth.

It is been documented that a gentleman from China’s Yunnan Province has died right after screening good for hantavirus, a unusual kind of virus transmitted from rodents to human beings.

The guy died on his way back again to Shandong Province, in accordance to World-wide Periods, an English-language publication primarily based in China.

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The news has brought on significantly consternation on the net, and World wide Times’ initial tweet has been shared hundreds of situations fairly comprehensible in the latest climate.

But is it some thing we should really be nervous about? Right here are the information:

What is hantavirus?

Hantaviruses are viruses that typically trigger infection in rats and other rodents, but do not cause sickness in them.

It is achievable for these viruses to be transmitted to individuals by means of a rodent’s urine, saliva or faeces, nevertheless this is uncommon.

Some strains – if they are transmitted to people – can induce lethal disorders like hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (HPS), a uncommon respiratory disease which on the facial area of it would look not much too dissimilar to Covid-19.

Situations of hantaviruses – named after the Hantan River space in South Korea exactly where an outbreak was first noticed in the 70s – have been claimed on all continents except Australia.

About 150,000 cases are believed to come about per year worldwide. That’s in accordance to the United kingdom Government’s advice, which hasn’t been up-to-date in practically 12 a long time, which presents an notion of the lack of danger we’re dealing with.

“Pretty couple situations of hantavirus an infection have been confirmed in the United Kingdom,” they say, “though there are seroprevalence details to counsel that exposure does manifest.”

What are the indicators?

The indicators of hantavirus pulmonary syndrome contain fever, cough, headache, lethargy, and shortness of breath, which rapidly deteriorates into respiratory failure, even with the help of mechanical air flow.

The condition is believed to have a fatality amount of 36%, although cases continue being unusual.

Should I be worried?

No. Hantavirus is really unlikely to be the future global pandemic.

Hantaviruses have been recorded for many years, and are not a new phenomenon a single human dying from the virus is not cause for issue, and barely constitutes an ‘outbreak’.

The presently unusual viruses are almost never spread involving human beings. Despite the fact that human-to-human transmission of a identical virus was claimed in South America in both of those 2005 and 2019, hantaviruses have pretty much entirely been joined to human make contact with with rodent excrement.

Generally, news of a man’s demise from hantavirus issues would not make for powerful news.

But offered hantavirus’ status as a relative unknown that appears to be like terrifying penned down, and that the target came from China – wherever Covid-19 is believed to have originated – it all will make for some have to-browse headlines in this age of uncertainty.

How can I stay clear of hantavirus?

If your time isn’t now taken up plenty of with practising social distancing and washing your arms to prevent Covid-19, there are a number of measures you can consider to prevent contracting hantavirus.

“Straightforward hygiene precautions these kinds of as washing your fingers following dealing with rats or their bedding and cage must be utilized,” say the Governing administration.

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