Office Coffee Consumption & The Work-Life Balance

If you have ever had one too many cups of coffee then you have undoubtedly felt that fast heart rate, cold sweats and jittery feet that can’t seem to keep still. Coffee consumption is something that is rarely talked about, mainly because the benefits of coffee outweigh any of the bad after-effects that we rarely experience… and it seems to make the office day go that much quicker. If you are thinking about your coffee consumption and would like to develop additional ways to keep motivated during the day – here are some tips that will have you thriving in the office and bringing that energy home with you.

Enjoy Your Coffee Mindfully

Office coffee machines in Malaysia, New York, Sydney or anywhere all bring the same perks to the employees. In fact, office coffee machines have become so commonplace that we are no longer enjoying them mindfully and just consume them hastily in a few minutes before moving on to another task. This is how over-consumption happens because we are not taking the time to process the coffee consumption. You can try and mitigate this by creating a coffee situation that sees you mindfully enjoying every sip and having some quiet before the manic day starts.

Getting Social

Do you interact with your colleagues on a personal level, or are you having quick exchanges over deadlines and briefs as you hurry past one another? If this sounds like your workplace, commit to having a coffee once a week at a cafe so you can remove yourself from work and sit in each others company. Social outings like this can be great on a Friday when things are already a little bit relaxed, and this might even play into your mission of drinking your coffee more mindfully. If your peers seem to enjoy these events, you can carry some of this social energy over to work so that everyone can breathe a little bit of life back into the working office.

Moving Your Body

It’s a sad indictment on our work lives that we cannot seem to find a few minutes in the day to walk around the block and move our bodies. Not only does this low impact exercise refresh our mind, but it gets the blood pumping in our bodies and keeps us accountable to our basic physical activity needs. This entitlement to break up the day with some movement is written into every contract and reiterated by all HR teams, so don’t feel like you need to sneak out the back to get your steps. In fact, you might find that there are many people in your office who might join you in this activity so see who else is looking to bring some balance back to their day. Maybe you can find a great coffee shop that is a small walk away to get you motivated to make the trek.

Experiment With Your Coffee Selection

Once you enjoy a type of coffee, it’s pretty rare that you steer from that choice. If you want to take a closer look at your coffee consumption and integrate some balance into your workweek, why not cycle through a few different coffees to see if you land on something you like even more. A piccolo coffee can be the perfect drink on those days when you don’t want another hit of dairy but need that pep in your step. Or you might just find that the chocolate powder on a cappuccino really does get you through on a Monday. Try them all and report back to your colleagues on what you liked.


Coffee is more than just a crutch at work, but it is an opportunity to maintain a healthy work-life balance when you are struggling to do so. Start thinking a little deeper about how and when you consume coffee and see what you can pivot to make the experience that much more enjoyable.

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