One Important Reason Why You Should Eat Less Sugar

There’s nothing wrong with having sweets once in a while. But all of the time? That can be a problem, particularly for your teeth.

If you want to take good care of your smile, you should try your best to curb your sugar consumption.


Sugar and Tooth Decay

Why is sugar bad for your teeth? Certain types of bacteria in your mouth feed on sugar and produce acid. This acid wears down the protective enamel on your teeth. Over time, the enamel will wear down, and your teeth will begin to decay — which means you’ll get cavities.

What are some signs of tooth decay to look out for?

  • Sensitivity to heat
  • Sensitivity to cold
  • Pain
  • Bad breath
  • Difficulty biting into certain kinds of food

If you think you’re dealing with tooth decay, you should call up your local dental office to make an appointment as soon as possible. They will take a close look at your teeth and see whether you need to get any cavities filled, crowns replaced or any other dental work done. You don’t want to ignore this problem. If this tooth decay goes untreated, you could end up with irreversible damage and tooth loss.


How to Cut Your Sugar Intake

Now that you know what too much sugar can do to your teeth, how can you cut down your consumption? Take a look at these tips:

Start Slow:

Giving yourself too many restrictions at once will be overwhelming, and it will push you to give up on your goal. This is a big lifestyle change, so you’re going to want to start slow and simple, then add more challenges for yourself as time goes on.

Be Realistic:

Don’t quit everything cold turkey. You’re allowed to enjoy some sugar. It’s the overindulgence of sugar that’s a problem for your teeth.

Look at Labels:

It’s not just candies and sweets that you should look out for. Some of the foods that are secretly high in sugar might shock you. Make sure to read the ingredient labels when you’re shopping for groceries. It will help you make smarter, healthier choices.

DIY Snacks:

Even some of the healthiest snacks at the grocery store are filled with refined sugar. So, whip up your own snacks like homemade granola bars and trail mixes so that you can drastically reduce your sugar intake. If you feel like a recipe is too plain, ramp up the flavour with spices.

Find Strong Substitutes:

Replacing sugary items with satisfying substitutes will make it easier to stick to your goal. You’re not depriving yourself. You’re switching things up.

What are some substitutes that you can make?

  • Instead of having sugar-packed sports drinks after intense workouts, you should drink water, fruit smoothies or protein shakes.
  • Instead of having pop, you can have sparkling water. Infuse it with healthy ingredients to make delicious flavours, like cucumber and mint.
  • Instead of energy drinks, use black or green tea to get you through that afternoon slump.
  • Instead of having milk chocolate or white chocolate, go for semi-sweet and dark chocolates.

Don’t let your sweet tooth saddle you with tooth decay. Try to cut down your sugar intake now so that your smile doesn’t pay for it later.

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