One Punch Man: Season 2 Netflix Release And Season 3 Plans Revealed!

One Punch Man: Season 2 Netflix Release And Season 3 Plans Revealed!

Saitama has certainly drive her fans like crazy! Well, the multi-million dollar question at this point of time is that when would the Netflix users be able to see the release of its 2nd season on the platform and can we expect the season 3 ahead? From the reports, we could get to know that the Viz Media who happens to own all the rights for this anime season would release its One Punch Man season 2 release date to be scheduled on Hulu on 9th of April, 2019.

Fans seem to have been waiting eagerly for the English dub version of this on Netflix and the first punch of of Saitama which was first watched on Netflix post 2 years its initial release would now call that to be a cold-hearted to evil. Anyway, Viz Media is now seen to be in no mood to release its season 2 this soon.

Now the Netflix is thinking of airing this season. As the Covid 19 hype is all around and people are stuck at their places during this quarantine, this show is sure to skyrocket the binge viewers right now. We are still not aware if Netflix will pick up the rights of streaming the 2nd season of One Punch or should we expect it to have a similar kind of waiting, just like the way it had witnessed in the 1st season.

Plans for One Punch man Season 3

Now that the One Punch man season 2 is lining up to be released, we do not see much scope for the 3rd season to come up anytime soon. Well, all we can do is to hope and I guess, some good news is waiting ahead!

Plot for One Punch man Season 3

Although it is difficult to assure about One punch man season 3 right from now, we would still hope that the 3rd season will be focused more on Garo and Monster Association. Lord Orochi will probably come as a threat to the Earth this time and there are chances as if He would prove to be a worthy opponent to Saitama. In case Garo is planning to take the monster cells, the fight between Garou and Saitama is still awaiting and that’s probably worth it.

Will we see new characters casting up in this upcoming season?

It is expected that we would probably see a few more major characters in this upcoming season. We hope that the producers, too, have been working on the same. Well, these are just mere speculations and we haven’t confirmed anything much other than this!

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