Online Marketing Strategies

Online Marketing Strategies

Digitization has taken the lead in selling and buying of goods and services. Reaching out to prospective customers is one way to ensure a business stays afloat despite the active competition. Marketing is a strategy used to win customers by making them aware of the available goods and services offered by a business proprietor and how they can have their problems solved. You can find a lot of content on that gives the best strategies revolving around online marketing strategies.

Digital marketing is creating an online platform to promote products and services by use of technology by having an online presence on various platforms like Facebook, a website, or YouTube channel to market the products targeting all prospective online customers. Online platforms provide an effective and efficient means of marketing.

Digital marketers require digital skills to be able to do a good promotion that eventually translates to good profits. Digital marketing skills enhance confidence and excitement on how to go about online work. Skills are required to avoid getting overwhelmed and intimidated by the technology involved in digital platforms.

Skills for digital promotion

Be aware of your buyers

Marketing involves connecting with people who are experiencing challenges and need a marketer’s help. Marketing is all about your customers. Every customer has an expectation, an alarm, questions, and essential desires. A Marketer is best viewed as a problem solver towards a customer’s problem. Knowing the customer involves questions like:

  • Customers’ identity and place of residence.
  • Customers work.
  • Customers earning estimation

What are the customer’s most appealing TV shows or political affiliation?

Customer awareness involves profiling your customer to understand the basic customer taste in all areas of life. Survey the customer for a better understanding.

The skill of transaction reproduction

Transaction skills enable a marketer to connect with the customer on a one on one talk approach. Convincing a customer to buy the product outcome by explaining how a given commodity will provide the customer with a required outcome.

It involves building a connection with a customer. You should ensure that customers don’t feel like they are talking to a machine. Handling a customer should be based on the “THEM” approach and not me.

Talk about the commodity features in terms of why this product matter to the customer.

Grasp the levels

Understanding the customer levels helps identify and take the customer through stages to gain their trust in purchasing the product. Below are customer interaction levels:

Top-level customer interaction

Customers are made aware of the products being promoted.

Marketing at this level involves social media posts, Ads, marketing pages, and videos.

Middle-level customer interaction 

Customers who like the product and wish to know more get assistance through interaction. Interaction is done through sales pages, emails, or guide book downloads.

Bottom level interaction

Involves providing prospective customers with product demos, special offers, and discounts.

Customers that see the product as going to solve their problem.

Numbers matter

Avoid using number metrics that do not give the real marketing strategy strength translated by the sales made. Traffic flows, social media followers, email engagement, or mail exchange between a marketer and prospective customer do not matter. Revenue is what matters. Numbers in terms of sales will give a turnaround revenue. The number of sales is what matters. The focus should be given on strategies that draw more customers to purchasing the products.  

Make money by following up

Customers need to get to the level where they can know you, like you and trust you. After buying from you, a customer is not necessarily about trust, and you need to keep them on check with targeted Ads and mails. Following up, a customer helps build more trust and liking from the customer, leading to more marketer and customer bonding.


Understanding basic online marketing skills helps the business to compete globally. Building a good online reputation will enhance trust due to a lack of physical interaction.

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