Outdoor Security Changes for the Winter Months

Most of the basics of office security remain constant no matter what time of year it may be. That’s because the main goals of physical security systems almost always involve the prevention of unwanted access to sensitive locations. Inevitably, this will involve setting up lines of defense and preventing a breach of those defenses. c

Occasionally, however, seasonal changes must be considered in order to determine what services are best suited for any particular building or space. By taking note of thedifferences in security concerns that small businesses face during the winter months, you’ll be able to ensure the safety of your employees and protect your company assets as well. 

Security Response to Winter Conditions

Each particular change in security that occurs in the winter will depend on the specific needs of your company. Some of the most commonly employed options available to you include:  

  • Outdoor Security Lighting
  • ID Cards for Access Control
  • Perimeter Fencing
  • Security Guards
  • Surveillance Cameras

You may opt to gain the benefits of one or more of these solutions, since several lines of defense often work well together. For example, if you install perimeter fencing around a company parking lot, you should also consider issuing company ID cards to anyone that require access to that lot.
By purchasing a professional ID card printer for your company, you can ensure that everyone who requires a card will always get one quickly. Buying an in-house ID card printer will also give you more control over the security technology contained in the card used at your company. 

Shorter Days

By far, the greatest impact on winter safety and security for an office environment is the fact that there are fewer hours of daylight at this time of year. More hours of darkness mean that there are more times when your company is vulnerable to criminal activity, especially in exterior locations. 

The best defense against dark areas, of course, is to install more lighting options. Security lighting should be installed early in the fall because the days start to get shorter long before temperatures drop and snow and ice arrive. Lighting should also be monitored and maintained throughout the entire winter to ensure that they always remain in working order. 
Colder Temperatures

While ice and snow might be safety risks for your employees, they don’t necessarily contribute directly to higher security risks. When extreme cold hits your business location, however, that means that there will be less people present in outdoor locations at any particular time. 

Less populated areas translate directly into more vulnerable areas while they are being accessed by employees. Along with better lighting options, it may help to employ a security guard that can monitor such areas or security cameras that allow guards to gain surveillance of many areas at once.

Outdoor Clothing

Another factor that the cold brings is the necessity for warmer, bulkier clothing and face coverings. When all of your employees are accustomed to entering the office wearing their outdoor gear, it becomes easier for unauthorized individuals to access your place of work while covering their faces with winter outerwear. If the employees use neck gaiters may solve this isse slightly. Neck gaiters typically come in two varieties: for warm weather and for cold weather. Insulated neck gaiters can keep them warm on cold days – or year round in colder climates and they can easily cover up and open their face easily. If the company creates custom neck gaiters with logo it will work as well as a promotional item for the company.

When your employees require photo ID to enter the office, only those who are authorized will be able to gain access. Having an ID card system in place will ensure that your personnel are accustomed to removing any article that hide their identities. It will also act as a powerful deterrent against criminal activity. 

While the main focus of small business security does not change a great deal in the winter months, particular defense systems, such as security ID cards, can help to accommodate the pertinent seasonal differences. Get in touch with a security ID card printing solutions provider today to find out more.

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