Polish Your Style with These Three Understated Tips for Wearing Men’s Suits

Polish Your Style with These Three Understated Tips for Wearing Men’s Suits

Suppose you work in an office where everyone should dress prim and proper, and you always notice that one person who wears his suit with perfection. If you want to imbibe the same style and rock men’s suits, it is all about the tiniest details.

Paying attention to the subtle yet impacting details will not only make you look smart but also accentuate your oozing confidence and refinement. But consider that most men are not so keen on fashion, and putting the finger on the exact detail that makes you look sharp is not that easy.

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Get the Perfect Fit to Avoid Having that Horizontal Indentation

It is easy to get lost with fashion fads these days. But one defining look that never goes away is the ideal shoulder fit for your suit. They are often the hardest parts to tailor on a men’s suit, so it is always essential to get that perfect cut when choosing off the rack.

Avoid buying suits with a shoulder divot, meaning those suits where the armholes are not appropriately shaped. It often shows with a horizontal indentation that is visibly seen when you rest your arms downwards and in a steady position.

When purchasing your men’s suits, it is always critical to check the shoulder because it is the hardest to customise. Most parts like the waist and length can be adjusted, but you are bound to have that indentation for as long as you wear that suit with a shoulder divot.

Investing in a Decent Undershirt Always Counts

If you work in a high-stress environment, you would understand how sweat can easily dampen your look and make you appear unkempt. Sweat is always a problem for most men, which can be quickly spotted in the armpit regions.

To dress nicely and appropriately, it is always critical to invest in a decent undershirt, which helps block sweat. This is one subtle way of preserving your look all day, without going through all the clamours of that jarring sweat marks.

You can opt for shirts made with natural long fibres like cotton to keep your body cool. They are also more durable, and the breathable body is softer than most clothing material. You can also avoid experiencing that itchy feeling with long fibre cotton shirts than cheap cotton shirt brands.

Choose a Tie Darker than Your Shirt

Choosing the appropriate tie to complement one’s style is very important. One rule of thumb is getting a darker tie than your shirt. You do not want to end up with a light-coloured tie and an even lighter undershirt because it will not look symmetrical.

Also, always avoid using ties that match your dress shirt pattern, making it plain and too uniform. One good example is to use a checkered shirt and offset your look with a paisley tie, balancing the casual appearance of the checkered patterns.

It is also essential to pay close attention to your length and width because it affects your body frame and overall look. Consider using ties that are no wider than 3 or 3.75 inches, and it should have the length reaching your belt buckle.

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