Potential Points To Know About How To Apply For Student Visa 500

Do you wish to go to Australia for higher studies? Well, Australia has been the first choice for students as the chance of getting employed after studying is higher. International students wishing to go ahead with higher studies must apply for an Australian student visa subclass 500

About a Subclass 500

A subclass 500 has been in effect since 1st July 2016 that allows you to study in the country till you complete your studies. Mostly, the maximum time that you can stay in Australia with this visa is 5 years. For that, ensure to fulfil the requirements to get a subclass 500. The potential points to know about how to apply for a subclass 500 are:

Get a CoE after applying to an Australian school.

Before applying for a Student visa Adelaide, enrol in an Australian school. After that, you will receive an offer letter, which you need to sign and send it back to the school. Once they receive it, the school will send a Confirmation of Enrolment, CoE. It is the most important paper to start with your visa application process. However, if you prefer to enrol in different courses, you must have a CoE for all. In this aspect, get in touch with a highly talented immigration agent, who can guide you.

Meet English requirements 

Students preparing to study in Australia must apply for English language requirements. Many exams are there, like IELTS, PTE, CAE, TOEFL-iBT, and CAE. Different exams have a minimum score like IELTS has 5.5; for CAE, it’s 462; for PTE, it is 42. If you need any help, the migration agent Adelaide can help you in this process.

Attain character requirements 

If you are 16 years or above, you need to attain the character requirements. For that, you need to provide some answers to specific questions and complete information requested by the Ministry of Home Affairs, declaration of criminal conduct, police certificate, a declaration of character statutory, etc.

Register for an account with the Australian authorities

In today’s time, a visa subclass 500 is applied online, and before you start the process, create an account. Through this account, you need to provide all the details regarding the visa. The Australian authorities will tell you to submit your name, email address, phone number, etc. Alongside that, you need to fulfil all the requirements to get an Australian visa sanctioned.

Collect all the details in digital format 

Before you apply for an Australian visa subclass 500, keeping all the documents that you would require in a digital format. The things are:

  • Your CoE (Confirmation of Enrolment)
  • A passport that’s valid till the time you will stay in Australia as it won’t be possible or difficult for you to exchange your passport in the country.
  • An OSHC health insurance
  • Proof of temporary stay:While filling the visa application form, you need to provide proof that shows you will be staying for a certain period in Australia. For that, you can provide a letter from the school where you will study or proof of employment or any other documents.
  • Some other documents that you will need are a birth certificate, bank statement revealing you can finance your studies, IELTS-test result, previous employment proof, criminal offenses documents if any, etc.

All the information needs to be uploaded in digital format, so it’s better to keep everything together.

Sign the Australian Values Statement

You need to sign the statement that reveals the student visa has abided by and respect Australian laws. You need to upload this as well while filling the application form.

Fill the online application form. 

For applying on a student visa 500, you can do it at least 124 days ago. Go to the registered website and fill in your CoE and nationality. Alongside that, choose the education sector, personal details, work experience, family details, criminal records, and health requirements. The visa application form is huge, so you can save do the remaining part the next day if you want so. The best migration agent Adelaide knows every step appropriately, so if you get in touch with him, it would be faster.

Pay the fee

When you have completed filling the application form, the next step is to make the payment. You can make payment with your credit card, and after it’s done, you will receive a Transaction Reference Number or a TRN-number. After completing the entire process, save it, and now you need to keep checking the application status.

Health check-up and interview

Based on where you will live and study in Australia, you need to go for a health check-up and attend a visa interview. You will receive information regarding it on your account. However, some people go for a health check-up before application form. Make sure that you do not go for it as you will need your TRN number. You will also receive the details of the number of doctors available in the country who will do this job. Accordingly, you can go ahead with the check-up and get it done. You must also have an Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), and it should cover health expenses for the complete duration in Australia.

It’s time to travel to Australia!

If everything is as per the requirements, you will receive your visa within 90 days. In case the authorities need any more information, they will inform you about it, which you need to update. After that, you will get your visa, and then you can start your journey to Australia.

Final thoughts!

Many people find that the Australian visa process is a bit complex, so you must get in touch with a Migration Agent AdelaideThe agents are experts and know every bit of the visa application process. If you hire them, you can get your visa sanctioned in less time as they can guide you and submit the form without any mistakes. Therefore, go ahead and apply for an Australian student visa 500 at the earliest.

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