Prison School Season 2 Going to release in 2021?


Prison School is a story of five boys who happen to be the first boys ever to attend an all-girl school, which turned co-ed. They come into this school with high hopes, but turns out, it’s an extreme opposite of their expectations. Four of these five boys remain indulged in sneaky activities; peeping at girls while they shower, but while doing this act, they get caught.

They all get in deep trouble, including the main character, Kiyoshi, who wasn’t even participating in the wrong act. The boys get sentenced for an in-school suspension, and this is no less than a prison. This prison has an underground student council, consisting of senior girls guarding the place. They have a motive to give these boys a hard time. Apart from punishing them, these guards try to trick these boys into doing something that could get them expelled. 

The series is filled with raunchy, funny, and some softcore adult scenes. The show demonstrates some really tough girl characters, contrary to the usual sentimental shows where girls are shown as very sensitive and delicate beings. 

Prison School is highly entertaining. There’s amazing suspense between episodes, but more importantly, the story has a deeper message; this is about how boys are treated with extreme harshness for small sins. The show is all about how men are treated with intense disgust and cruelty for having sexual needs. Moreover, it also talks about how true freedom can only be achieved through a hard struggle. This might even cause you to give up on things you loved the most. 

Although there has been a lot of praise and appreciation for the show, one issue that fans have voiced against the anime is that the show has put in several unnecessary censorship, even of the good scenes. For instance, steam and light flares.

Most fans are of the view that is this wrong as the fanservice is the obvious draw of the show, and by blocking these scenes, they have made the whole thing look quite stupid. All the good stuff is in the manga, which is why most fans recommend that. However, the show is still great as it encapsulates several genres. 

Characters in Prison School Season 2

Kyosho: The lead character. This boy does not indulge in the wrong activities, making him very honourable.

Gakuto: He’s the closest to Kiyosho. Gakuto is a nerdy boy who always refers to himself as “yours truly”. He also has a deep interest in the Three Kingdoms stuff.

Shingo: This male student comes into spotlight for snitching when Meiko tempts him with scrumptious food.

Joe: He’s a very weird boy who always hides his face. Joe also does not like to talk much, and has a weird obsession with ants. 

Andre: The head of the underground student council. She hates all the boys and wants them out of the institute to keep it all-girls, like it was. 

Meiko: the huge-breasted girl who is always handed the task of punishing the boys, and she does it happily. She often beats them and verbally abuses them.

Hana: this karate girl is also always a part of torturing the boys, and she does it in a harsh manner. She has a bad grudge against Kiyosho. 

Chiyo: She was the love interest of Kiyosho in the start, but their relationship gets disrupted when Kiyosho gets sentenced to the school prison. She always thinks Kiyosho is a good guys because she wrongly thinks he has a passion for sumo wrestling just like she does.

Chairman Kurihara: the president of the institute and a very reasonable figure in the show. However, he has some sort of penchant for Latina butts, and this really puts off all the misandrist girls in the Underground student council. 

Prison School Season 2 characters

Why Creators May Finally Proceed With Season 2?

The second season of this famous Japanese series, Prison School, is highly anticipated by fans all across the world. Fans have been waiting for the next renewal for the past 5 years. The first season premiered on July 11, 2015, and the last episode aired in September 2015. Unfortunately, there are still no updates on Season 2 as the producer J.C. Staff Studio hasn’t given any signal as of yet. 

There have been several rumours, and quite recently a strong rumour surfaced in web media that Prison School will be back soon with its season 2. However, as we know, the creators haven’t given any confirmation on the second season, or on the updates of its making. 

That being said, we still have a plethora of reasons that strengthen our hope for the second season. Creators will most certainly renew the series. Let’s discuss the possibilities of season 2.

The Manga-based show is pictured by Akira Hiramoto along with the famous director Tsutomu Mizushima. The first season sold more than 13 million copies from 2015 to mid of 2018. The anime show has received positive feedback and admiration from people of all countries. And many people watched it on websites too.

Prison School Season 2
Asap Land

In addition to that, Prison School season 1 did not end on a finishing note. There were a lot of cliff-hangers, which is also why fans of the show have been waiting for the second season to know what happens next. The first season was all about the problems and challenges those five boys encountered in a girl’s school. These 5 are the only boys in a school of over 1000 girls. They were caught and given the final warning while committing voyeurism. At this point, viewers wish to know if the boys can adjust to the decorum and instructions given out by the academy. 

Furthermore, Prison School has won the Best General Manga award, alongside some other prominent shows, at the 37th Kodansha Manga Award. The unprecedented success of season 1 only ensures us that a second season will be on its way. Also, the producers have remained silent on the idea of a second season, every time they have been asked, which is why we can all expect the second season to air soon. 

What’s really intriguing is the fact that Tsutomu Mizushima has only used the first 9 volumes of the manga to make the first 12 episodes, which were a part of the first season. However, the original manga has 28 volumes, consisting of 277 chapters. Therefore, the J.C. Staff Studio still has around 200 more chapters left, which will definitely be a part of the upcoming seasons

Will Prison School Season 2 Include the Remaining Chapters of Akira Hiramoto’s Comic Book?

Fans and anime enthusiasts have been yearning for any news on the second season of Prison School since 2015. The anime makers have only included the first 9 volumes to make the debut season of Prison School, whereas there are 28 volumes. 

If the second season ever comes, fans can expect that the main characters; Kiyosho Fujino, Takehito Morokuzu, Shingo Wakamoto, Joji Nezu, and Reiji Ando, will be named as Taishi Nakagawa, Tokio Emoto, Masato Yano, Daiki Miyagi, and Galigali, respectively. 

Prison School Season 2 relese

Season 2 Renewal Status

The J.C. Staff Studios hasn’t yet given us any dates for the second season, nor have they uploaded any BTS scene of the making of the new season. The status for the second season is ‘pending’ for now. However, as mentioned, the possibility of the second season is very high due to the great popularity this show has received over the years, and there’s a lot of story yet to be completed. The first season has not wrapped up everything there is in the manga. 

The director of Prison School, Tsutomu Mizushima was approached by Naoyuki Uchida, who is a famous author of mystery and horror novels. Uchida asked the director about the second season on social media, where the director instantly responded with:

“Thanks for watching continuously since SHIROBAKO! I don’t know about the second season. I want to do it, but…”

This tweet and response came back in 2015, right after the first season came to its end. A lot has changed since then. 

Prison School Season 2 Release Date

Since the directors and producers haven’t given any release date yet, we can’t give any certain news. However, if there’s a renewal, most of us believe that it will come in the Fall of 2021.

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