Pro Tips To Save Money When You Shop In Costco

Pro Tips To Save Money When You Shop In Costco

Costco is the most loving place for so many reasons, a few being amazing offers, free things, low prices, and more. It’s more like a dreamland for shopaholics. So, if you are planning a trip to this amazing place, and has made a list of shopping, here are few tips to help you:

Don’t rush in buying: When visiting a store that offers amazing deals, don’t hop on things immediately. Go slow and take some; the better you walk far, the impressive deals you might get. Also, don’t start from the front, as storekeepers display their highest prices products at the front. So, start from the back to find more amazing deals.

Season End Sale Is The Best:

If you are visiting Costco at the season end or at festivals, the most impressive deals are awaiting. The sales can be for the Christmas decoration, Halloween costumes, New Year’s, and other important dates. Moreover, you can grab the best deals even if they are not required in the season. This will help you save money for the items you need later. Also, don’t forget to check Costco weekly ads to know the deals near your stay.

Don’t Overlook Price Codes:

Do you know why some items end with .97 or .99? This is the secret code of price that shows where the deals are live. Also, if the product price ends with .99, this means the item is available at wholesale prices. However, if there’s .97 at the end, it’s the best discount for the particular product. So, before hopping on sales, know this secret code and save money on shopping.

Online Can Be An Option:

Buy from to get the best deals online; also, you don’t need to signup for the deals. You might have to pay a small surcharge for the product as they offer free delivery of the product. However, there can be few products that need phone number registration. You can also cross-verify deals through flyers before adding products to your cart.

Get Costco Membership: 

For special deals, you can take benefit of Costco membership. And, if you are actively buying as a member, you can get added discounts and other amazing offers. But, keep in mind that the Costco Executive membership and the gold membership are different and can give you many perks. Bonus! You can get added 2% instant cashback on every purchase, which can come as a rebate. Moreover, you can get an upgraded refund, if you do not like your product.

Ask your friends for more deals: You can save bulks on shopping at Costco, and for that, you don’t need to buy tons of paper towels, water bottles. Instead, shop for what you need and split the bill with your friends. Dividing the bulk of things with your friends who love Costco will save lots of money.


Costco is a magical place when it comes to grabbing the best deals; you only need to know where the deals are and how to look for them.


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