Proven Ways To Drive More Fashion Traffic And Sales

Visit the internet, and you will come across different sites full of various articles, blogs, and infographics talking about strategies to drive more traffic to your fashion site. However, you will seldom find any that will also speak about the ways in which you can drive more conversions and sales. Well, this article will speak about the two, at length.

When it comes to driving more traffic towards your fashion site, you must understand that there is no better platform than Instagram that can help you to achieve this feat. You will find it very easy to follow the best marketing practices and tactics to boost your business or brand using the host of different useful tools and features that Instagram comes with. Combining these tools and features with the right tactics, you will surely get:

All you have to do henceforth is craft the best sales plan and follow it to generate more sales on the app.

Use proper and relevant hashtags

The most crucial element that will drive more traffic towards your fashion site is the hashtags that you should carefully select and attach with your posts. When it comes to Instagram, a hashtag is just as relevant as the SEO keywords for a website. A carefully selected and adequately used hashtag will make your posts stand part from those thousands of posts. This will, in turn, send the visitors to your fashion website curious to know more about you and your product.

Here is what you should do to pick the right hashtags:

  • Focus on those specific hashtags that best explains your business and products and shortlist them
  • Use the IG search feature and type those keywords one by one and click on ‘tags’ to find out the most related and
  • Focus on using hashtags that have low competition so that you can reach a more targeted audience.

In addition to that, you will be better off when you partner and follow the industry influencers so that their follower count overlaps yours. Also, know about the hashtag strategy followed by your competitors to create a branded hashtag and follow it.

Just make sure that you do not use more than 30 hashtags or use broken or banned hashtags, this will get you flagged down as spam. Best, use only fitting and trending hashtags.

Endorse the right product

A useful way to gain more traffic to your site and increase the chances of making a sale is to endorse the right product and the right time. Also, make sure that your endorsement is in perfect harmonization with the current trends in fashion as well as in the demand of the people.

This is the basic technique that you must follow to attract more traffic to your fashion site through Instagram. This will build and prompt your fashion brand on this platform, where most of the consumers are found to hang out. This being a mobile app allows around the clock browsing, which means you will reach out to them instantly.

Therefore, you should continuously focus on these mobile users to gain the incredible benefits of getting a highly engaged and huge crowd as compared to other social media channels like Facebook or Twitter.

Selling on Instagram

Now that you know the importance of using the Instagram platform to gain more traffic to your fashion site, you must now focus on the ways in which you can sell through this platform as well.

One of the best and most productive ways to showcase your product and sell it as well as to create better Instagram Stories and post it with relevant product links. There are lots of new and creative ways in which you can use this feature. This will help you to:

  • Gain a perfect opportunity to engage with the audiences
  • Create a better and more personal relationship frequently
  • Promote special discounts and offers and
  • Showcase your new items in the best and most appealing way.

As for your users, this will enable them to capture your products in action, which will, in turn, help them to make a buying decision.

Generate more followers

You can generate a large number of followers every week if you post on Instagram on a regular basis. This is one of the tricks to ensure Instagram success. Ideally, you will be better off if you post on Instagram at least once in a day. This means that you will need to be highly engaged, committed, and dedicated to your account and follow the posts.

However, you can even post more than that, probably two, and even three times a day. This will also get you more engagement, and most reach to grow your account and number of followers on this photo and video sharing platform. Just make sure that you do not make the users feel overwhelmed with it or feel that you are trying to make a sale aggressively. The best way to follow is to automate your posting schedule and cross-promote it with your friends and followers across all channels.

Be active always

You will need to be active on the Instagram platform, which is one of the most important social media strategies on any platform. You must be more involved and much more than merely a publisher of content. That means:

  • You will have to follow posts of other people, influencers and also other competitive brands to know about their strategies and take inspiration
  • You will need to engage more in the comment section of your posts as well as that of the other people and
  • You will also have to create and publish more appealing and excellent content for the most prospective users.

Since you are into fashion and it is all about lifestyle, you should focus more on posting “lifestyle” content. Add to that, use customer testimonials as the most authentic and honest source of information to promote your business and sales. Lastly, stick to one branded theme and use trending topics to post.

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