Guide to Buying Readymade Pencil Pleat Curtains


Curtains do not only cover your Windows but also add an aesthetic touch to them. Choosing the right curtains for your place is not an easy task because there are so many styles, fabrics, and designs available that can easily overwhelm the buyer. Appropriately chosen curtains will instantly lift the entire look of your space and set a new, warming, and welcoming tone for your home. 

Among various curtain styles, pencil pleat curtains fall under the category of formal and traditional window treatments. They are a perfect addition to any interior, either it’s contemporary or traditional. If you are currently thinking of updating your curtains, we will recommend you to go for these conventional yet elegant draperies.

Pencil pleat curtains are named so because of the upper plates that are closely spaced and resemble pencils. They have three strings that run along with the heading horizontally; these strings are used to adjust the curtain’s width and create folds. 

 They appear very different from ordinary styles and offer a more tailored and finished look resulting in a formal look. The best thing about them is they suit all kinds of tracks & poles. For a quick & affordable option, opt for readymade pencil pleat curtains only. Here’s what you should look for when buying…

1. Know the purpose 

Before you buy, it is better to know their purpose. It is best to search for some modern ideas on the internet to make up your mind what you need. It would help if you also determined whether you want to create a formal or casual place. Also figured out, do you want a romantic vibe or a shabby chic outlook for your place. 

You should also figure out whether you want to achieve a blackout to want a sun-kissed place. Consider the traffic in your area and if you have kids or pets. Once you have the answer to all these questions, you can narrow down the available choices and make an educated and right guess next time you go buying them. Because of the fabric material, design in the color scheme of curtains much depends on their purpose.

2. Measure for curtains

Measurements are of supreme importance. For the right fitting, it is necessary to have the correct measurements. Because ill-fitting curtains look very bad and destroy the whole appearance of your interior, here are the five steps you should follow when measuring for the panels.

  • Determine the height from where you are supposed to hang them. 
  • Determine the rod length and the fixings. 
  • Please choose the correct length, i.e., either you want the window sill length or want the curtains to puddle on the floor for and a few inches above it.
  • Measure for the width, it can be done by earring 6 to 8 inches outside from the window track and multiply it with 2.5  or three so that you can get the appropriate fullness.

3. Choose the fabric material wisely 

With so many fabrics available in the market, you should choose the right material wisely. Medium to heavyweight fabrics suit best for pencil pleat curtains because they fall perfectly and create neat folds. The choice of fabric material also depends upon their need, for instance, if you are looking for something to add a modern. Yet, functional draperies to your bedroom, you should go for polyester or microfiber curtains, but the very same curtains cannot be used in the kitchen because this material is highly their member and absorbs odors. On the other hand, if you want a summer look, you can opt for linen or layered sheer panels. 

When it comes to thermal or blackout curtains, avoid by them with pencil pleat heading in stat go for eyelet blackout and thermal panels.

4. Accessories

Write accessories also play an integral part. They can also be regarded as the curtain hardware. This includes tiebacks, rings, hooks, clips, and holders. If chosen wisely, they can take your window to a whole new level.


Readymade pencil pleat curtains are an excellent choice if you want a quick and modern window treatment. Although they are a bit tricky to hang and require special maintenance, they look exceptionally well and elevate the existing look making it feel more pleasant and fascinating. 


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