Reasons That Increase Hair Fall in summer

Warm weather makes us enjoy outdoor parties and happy times with our loved ones. Many people share that they experience more hair fall in summer than winter. Well, different summer factors contribute to an increase in hair fall.

The best hair surgeons in Karachi share that seasonal hair fall is common but it happens temporarily. But the hair loss is permanent as you need to wait for months to get your hair back. Gender is not a factor for a summer seasonal hair loss as it can occur in both men and women.

Hair health is important if you want to look young and attractive. A healthy diet and lifestyle choices are the keys to maintaining hair health. Seasonal hair loss can be minimized only when you know what the causes are.

Causes of Summer Hair Loss

Heat, sun exposure, and chlorine saltwater are the reasons that cause hair loss in summer. It makes your hair dry and brittle. There are some hair follicles on your scalp that survive the whole time and are not capable of working as a shield against the sun anymore. So, they fall out.

It shows your hair falls worse in the summer season than any other season. 3 in 5 People experience the same issue in summer so you do not need to panic. There are different ways to reverse your hair growth.

Hormone Fluctuation in Summer 

During the summer season, testosterone gets higher in level. You may have heard about it as a male hormone but it is found in both men and women. In summer, its level gets high which leads to hair loss. It happens with many people as the summer arrives.

Sun exposure

Heatwaves of the sun damage the hair follicles. When we go outside, it increases the sunlight exposure that burns our heads which leads to hair loss. During sunlight exposure, it sucks the natural oils and moisture of the scalp. It makes your hair dry and discolored. Dry is more prone to fall as they are brittle and easily breakable. Experts say that we should wear hats or a scarf when we go outside. It will cover your hair from ultraviolet harmful rays.

Chlorine saltwater

Summer parties and swimming pool plans are popular. During swimming, the hair gets wet with chlorine saltwater. Pool water contains more chemicals than you think. It makes your hair shaft dry and releases sebum that makes your hair look brittle, dull, easily broken.

Experts say that you should apply coconut oil or olive oil before you go into the pool water as it will protect your hair from such chemicals and reduce hair loss.


Hot weather triggers the scalp dandruff as such a season is perfect for microbes that are the leading cause of dandruff. When you do not do anything for your dandruff because it leads to itching and inflammation. Such a condition triggers hair loss. You need an anti-dandruff shampoo that can minimize hair fall.

Wet hair brushing 

In summer, bath time gets increased due to severe sweating. We shower more often, which increases the use of hair products. Experts suggest not tying the hair when they are wet or brushing them. You should move your fingers in your hair. Choose the best-formulated shampoo for your hair.

Hair conditioner 

A hair conditioner is not that hair-friendly product that you need in summer. You should not apply it every time you take shower during summer. The moisturizing hair mask is also a good way to keep your hair healthy.

Best prevention tips to avoid hair fall in summer

For healthy hair, you should follow some effective tips.

  • Dry your hair before you tie them up.
  • Never use conditioners because they make your scalp dry.
  • Perform yoga to increase the blood flow in your body.
  • Cover your head with a scarf or a cap before going outside.


Excess hair loss needs medical help. You should get ready for the summer season as it can cause many hair-related issues. Buy only quality formulated hair products to wash your hair.

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