Reasons Why NCERT textbook Can Help in Making Class 11 Biology Easy

Are NCERT books useful in CBSE board exams? Do they help in understanding the subject of matter? And how much importance will they attribute to the new CBSE board exams pattern? Let’s discuss this in this article.  NCERT (National Council for Educational Research and Training) is a government body that is formed to assist and advise Central and State governments on policies and innovative programs for improvement in quality education across India. CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) is a governing body that forms the education policies. CBSE schools often use NCERT textbooks.   

Why NCERT textbooks?   

   NCERT books are detailed yet concise and comprehensible. Every chapter includes illustrative diagrams and examples drawing parallels to society. It has updated information which makes NCERT textbooks a credible source of information. All the fundamental concepts are explained in lucid and easy language. At the end of every chapter, it has some exercise questions which help to understand the theory and application of a concept. Because of all these reasons many state- and nation-wide exams, different entrance exams suggest NCERT textbooks as their reference books to study for their syllabus. Hence, NCERT Books Class 11 Biology PDF is going to be the fundamental book for Class 11 biology.  

CBSE Board Perspective (Current pattern and Upcoming changed pattern) –    

   The CBSE board exam paper has objective-type questions, case-based questions, and short or long answer questions. The structure of NCERT textbooks is complementing this pattern. With the forthcoming New Education Policy, the pattern of CBSE board exams is going to change for the academic year 2021 – 2022. Instead of case-based questions, there will be competency-based questions that will challenge the creative and critical thinking of the students. Current NCERT textbooks are focused on clarifying concepts with case studies to help students understand the concept. Although the pattern will change, questions that will come in the exam are mostly from NCERT textbooks. So, reading them and understanding them will suffice from the standpoint of the board exam. Many toppers of CBSE board exams from the previous year attribute their share of success to the detailed study of NCERT textbooks.   

How will the NCERT textbook help in understanding Class 11 Biology?    

As the pattern is going to shift from questions based on memorization skills to questions based on analytical and creative thinking skills, NCERT textbooks are going to carry out a huge role in your preparation. You can study the concept from a textbook by understanding theory and then comparing it to examples given in textbooks. Then try to solve competency-based questions on that concept. Simply solving different questions will make you understand the type of questions that might come in the exam. Here are 8 reasons NCERT textbook Class 11 biology helps in Class 11 biology

1. There are a total of 22 chapters in the Class 11 biology NCERT textbook. Each chapter introduces different concepts which are fundamental to Class 12 biology. Hence it is important to understand every concept from Class 11 biology. NCERT textbook of Class 11 biology helps in understanding these concepts extensively from chapters given in the textbook. All chapters are presented in simple language with only necessary information.  

2. Each chapter has introduced all concepts from that chapter on the first page of the chapter. It gives the overall idea about the chapter, so students can prepare for that chapter accordingly.  

3. Most helpful feature of the Class 11 Biology NCERT textbook is the coloured diagrams. These diagrams describe concepts more efficiently. For example, in the chapter Morphology of Flowering plants, the very first diagram explains the whole essence of the chapter. These diagrams will also help in the answer writing exam. Just drawing these diagrams as it is will help in scoring a good score.  

4. Each chapter has a summary at the end of the chapter. These summaries will help in making notes and they are written as such that they give a glance at the whole chapter. Reading summary and using some key points from the summary in note-making will help in writing brief answers.  

5. Each chapter has its exercise questions. These questions cover the whole chapter. Every question is an important question from an exam point of view. Exercise covers objective questions, brief answer questions, one-sentence answer questions, and also diagram-based questions which tests how much concept has been grasped by the student. Practicing exercise questions will prepare students to write the answer to questions in the final written exam.  

6. One of the biggest reasons to study from this textbook is that all the information in the NCERT textbook is well researched and updated. Hence this textbook is also going to help in Class 12 and other entrance exams.  colored

7. Unique quality of this textbook is that it has also given some relative extra information to encourage students to learn and research on that topic by themselves. NCERT textbooks aim to provide students with information about the subject while developing an interest in that subject and this goal is achieved by providing students with extra fun information that generates curiosity about the subject. In this book there is information about some scientists and also some great examples to explain interesting concepts.  

8. This textbook contains only relative information about the subject. The chapter has given necessary information with important points concerning the Class 11 exam. Students will not need any other book to prepare for the exam if they properly study from this textbook.  


Without NCERT textbooks, one cannot prepare for CBSE board exams. They will not only help you get a higher percentage in board exams, but you also will prepare you for future entrance exams. NCERT textbook for Class 11 biology is such a book that builds the foundation for biology in students. A thorough reading of this book will be enough to learn about the subject. It will develop a necessary sense for the subject in students. It will be the most important and primary book for students preparing for making their career in fields related to biology.   

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