Renewable Solar Panel Is the Smartest Idea to Make Advantageous Festival

Solar energy is the radiant heat and light, which is getting from the sun. This energy is the ever-evolving technology. In this technology photovoltaic, solar heating, solar thermal energy, molten salt power, solar architecture, artificial photosynthesis are included. All are the different way of harness the sun’s energy.

This solar energy is a renewable resource. It’ll never stop giving a supply of energy. It can provide enough power. We already told that solar energy came to us with it’s via the sun’s ray. Solar or photo violets are generally made from silicon which is helping to create the sunlight into electricity. You can use this electricity for your daily life because this is a renewable energy resource. This energy helps to reduce your electricity bills. How much energy bill you will save depends on the size of your solar panel. Solar energy is a diverse application because without energy gird it sure the supply of energy. The maintenance cost of solar energy is meagre because you need to clean it in 2 times per year. This renewable solar technology is advantageous for us. We can make its proper use in proper time. In different types of the festival, we can ensure our pollution-free, safe electric power by the solar system. Diwali is that types of the festival where solar energy helps to make a green Diwali with the eco-friendly method.

What types of pollution we face in the Diwali

Diwali is the celebration of daylights! The celebration recognizes the arrival of a sibling. The profit was for another moon day in the long stretch of the Kartik season; therefore, the whole realm of Ajodhya had sparked up to praise their return and embraces them. The victory of gain over darkness and darkness; their return had marked by the celebration of the light’s prosperity kept alive the spirit.

In this famous Indian festival, people do lots of fun. People call this day a festival of lights. There is no negative side to this festival, but the massive negative side is pollution. The primary breakdown of this fantastic festival is the use of firecrackers. Air pollution is the most prominent type of corruption. In this festival, it happens very hard because of the smoke. For this smoke, the air pollution level rises dangerously. This smoke air pollution makes harmful breath. So many burning crackers remain for many days after the festival. This all makes the environment pollution and also exceptionally very much dangerous for the birds and animals. Land pollution is the primary pollution of this Diwali. These types of land pollution happen from the leftover pieces. It is very tough to clean it in a day, and all this is non-biodegradable for nature. All these are very hard to dispose of, and all the pollution turns toxic also. Noise is the significant pollution of the Diwali festival. Firecrackers create tremendous noise.

All this pollution can be reduced by the help of the Clean Diwali with JA Solar.

Solution for making a green Diwali

Diwali means a lighting festival. So the maximum problem can be solved by renewable solar energy. You can easily use this solar system. Otherwise, tradition rule like Diya, the candle also help to make eco- friendly Diwali. Avoid bursting crackers. You can use colourful food grains to create natural colour for your rangoli. In your decoration, you may use recycle types of decoration material. You can give a thoughtful gift. You can avoid the use of plastic and use biodegradable utensils. Solar systems can solve your lighting problem. Make your Green Diwali with JA Solar.

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