Rubber grommets, characteristics of these spare parts

Rubber grommets

Cover outer to the wires for saving them from damages and cuts is termed as rubber grommets. It provides resistance against cuts damages the main purpose of rubber grommets is to save line losses and secure people from any bad incidents.

Commonly used materials in the formation of rubber grommets are Nitrile rubber, Natural rubber, Neoprene, Silicone, and fluoro rubber.

General Shapes Of Rubber Grommets

Rubber Grommets are launched in many shapes some of the following shapes our company produces

  • Round Grommets
  • Oval Grommets
  • Square Grommets
  • Blind hole Grommets
  • Special Shape Grommets

Rubber qualities vary according to the types of rubbers. We produced good quality rubber grommets.

Material options for rubber grommets

Natural rubber grommets

Natural rubber grommets are strong and hard to be crack. They have high tensile strength and high tear strength. It has good insulation properties.

Buna-N Grommets

Best material used for oil resistance as compared to other rubber material. NBR is best for the rubber grommets which are contacted with oils. NBR is a semiconductor rubber material with antistatic properties. It is a low volume of resistant material.

Neoprene Grommets

They are excellent heat resistant, ozone aging resistant, and weather resistant. All these qualities make them durable and useable for a long period. Due to all of these properties you can use them in outdoor designing for work under sunlight.  It is highly recommended to use this material for high flame retardancy goods. Its performance is very good as a flame retardant.


FKM Grommets

FKM is the best medium resistance of all elastomers it has stability against chemicals. It can be used in strong acid and alkali environments. They are used as containers for supply acids and other chemicals in the industries. Moreover, fluororubber has excellent high-temperature resistance and it can work at 300℃ for a long time.

Silicone Grommets

Silicon grommets are environmentally friendly they do not harm human skin when coming in contact as it does not adhere to human tissues, it has an anticoagulant effect. It is also particularly suitable to make medical products. Foodstuff can also be stored in silicon grommets jars.

Our services

We provide high-quality products to our customers. We entertain and facilitate our customers fully. We provide different services to our customers i.e. free designs, high-quality mass production, and free samples.

Free designs

Our engineers can offer custom service for making the perfect grommets. All you need is to tell us your ideas. We will make grommets according to your prescribed designs.

Free Samples


We provide free samples to our customers so that they can test and satisfy themselves with our products.

High-Quality Mass Production

Our products are RoHS and Reach standard certificated.ISO9001 quality management system meet to control the quality. We maintained our quality standards by strict checking and balancing our environment with highly skilled staff.

We will customize your products according to your choice all you have to do is to order us by contacting us at


We will make an article with the best quality and price you should visit us and see our work. We are working in this industry for the past 20 years. It was a glorious time of our progress. We are still maintaining our bars high with our quality products.

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