Sample practice Paper for class 7 for English with solutions

No student wants to be ill-prepared for their exams, which is why the right strategy and right study material are always required. This downloadable CBSE Sample Paper 1 for Class 7 English with Solutions is the right place for a student to start their preparation with. 

English language subjects can be tricky for some students. That’s why this free access material for practice is much needed. The English language subject cannot be neglected because English is the primary medium for teaching in schools. All the books, on all the subjects that are used for teaching in schools, are in the English language. Even the exams are conducted in the English language. Excellent English language skills will not just help them in scoring better in the subject but also help them in understanding texts of other subjects. Being confident in English for both verbal and writing skills is very important for a student. Throughout the academic life of any student, brushed-up language skills are always demanded even in life outside of school. 

This available study material has many benefits to it which are given below:

To study a language subject basic knowledge about it is always required. And these practice sample papers test basic knowledge too so that students can have absolute knowledge and expertise of the subject that matches their level.

The absolute adherence of the sample paper to the CBSE paper pattern makes this study material highly effective. This material is advantageous because of the Mentioned details like marks distribution, section-wise division of the paper, instructions, etc. 

The current paper pattern for class 7 English is such that the question paper will be divided into three sections- A, B, and C. Section A will consist of reading comprehension and questions related to the comprehension for 20 marks. Section B will test writing and grammar for 30 marks. And the last section which is section C will test the literature part of the syllabus for 30 marks. The sample paper for practice has been designed according to the class 7 syllabus and pattern for English for CBSE students. NCERT has decided on this syllabus and pattern for class 7 English. 

The chapters on the ‘Honey comb’ book include one prose along with one poem and, SOME of the prose and poem are given below out of a total of ten chapters.

‘Three Questions’, ‘The Squirrel’, ‘A Gift of Chappals’, ‘The Rebel’, ‘Gopal and the Hilsa Fish’, ‘The Shed’, ‘ Expert detectives’, ‘Mystery of the Talking Fan’,  ‘The Invention of Vita-Wonk’, ‘Dad and the Cat and the tree’, ‘Fire: Friend and Foe’, ‘Meadow Surprises’, ‘A Bicycle in Good Repair’, ‘Garden Snake’, ‘The Story of Cricket’.

And the 10 chapters from the ‘An Alien hand supplementary reader’ book are also given below:

‘The Tiny Teacher’, ‘Bringing up Kari’, ‘The Desert’, ‘The Cop and the Anthem’, ‘Golu Grows a Nose’, ‘I Want Something in a Cage’, ‘Chandni’, ‘The Bear Story’, ‘A Tiger in the House’, ‘An Alien Hand’.

Other than poem and prose students also get to learn grammar which includes parts of speech, types of sentences, and many other grammar topics from the set of books that has been mentioned above.  

All the potential kinds of questions of different levels of difficulty from the books ‘An alien hand’ and ‘Honey comb’ are available in the sample paper 1 PDF. No important topic is left behind in these questions, questions from the whole syllabus have been answered so that students can be prepared completely. 

The questions will put the creative and analytical skills of students to the test and improve their answer writing techniques. To be able to write good-quality answers with correct grammar will score them good marks. 

It helps students in identifying the areas that need more improvement and attention so that they can brush up on their weak areas. This will ultimately help them during the main exam and will increase their confidence.

The questions are designed after keeping in mind the previous year’s questions so that students can get a better idea of the type of questions and in what way they are asked and have been asked so far. With an idea of what can be expected from the question papers, students can anticipate the questions and their level of difficulty and alter their strategy of preparation accordingly.

These sources are printable and can be taken out in hardcopy to practice with. English as a subject despite being difficult for some students can become scoring and one of the friendly subjects given that enough practice has been done for students to familiarize themselves with the subject. 

Sample practice materials are very convenient for students to self-study with as these are very easy to understand and do not require additional guidance or help. Nothing works better than self-study when it comes to studying language subjects. 

While studying literature it is important to remember the small details of stories and poetries etc and these questions happen to test whether a student remembers them or not. 

For better preparation, students should practice their writing skills and pay attention to how they frame answers while using correct grammar and punctuation. Reading the official syllabus texts repeatedly for better recollection during exams is crucial. It is considered useful for students to develop a habit of reading regularly other than their prescribed textbooks. Having a strong vocabulary will allow students to write influential answers and that comes from reading various genres of texts in abundance. The main objective for students to read should not just be for academic purposes but also for their enjoyment. 

In conclusion, it is advised for students to not neglect language subjects as they can be very scoring and might lose on easy marks if they don’t pay enough attention to it. With little daily effort, any student with any level of language skill can master this subject. Taking complete advantage of available study sources filled with practice questions will get students to ace this exam. 

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