Selecting retail shelving – Points to consider

Selecting retail shelving – Points to consider

Retail shelving is one of the crucial aspects of shopfitting as the shelves are where your products get showcased. If you want to maximize your retail store’s footfall, it is necessary to showcase the products in the best way possible. The retail shelving should be adaptable, durable, and cost-effective so that you have access to the best shelves. Also, the shelves should complement the product that you are showcasing.

Today, several service providers specialize in retail shelving. To know more about this, you can check out SI Retail Shelving. However, before you decide to opt-in for the retail shelving solutions, you need to consider a few essential points.

1. The in-store space

Your retail store size will decide the space available for you! Hence, the shelving you have agreed to invest in should suit the store size. For instance, if you have a small retail store space, your chosen shelving should successfully highlight the merchandise without overwhelming the space. When you are focusing on space, it’s not just about your store. Instead, it’s also about the departments present inside the store. In the specific department, you shouldn’t implement retail shelving, like bathrooms and customer care departments.

2. The type of products

The products you have in your retail store will impact the retail shelves you decide to invest in! It would help if you had special consideration for the display material type used in association with the product. For instance, it is not fair to place rough, protruding edges or sharp edges when you are using wooden shelving. It can result in scratches and can also affect the wood to finish negatively. It would help if you planned for the long-run when you are assessing the shelving logistics. If you have to keep replacing the shelving, it will cost you more time and money, and the process is tedious.

3. The weight of the products

The product weight is an essential factor when you are choosing retail shelving. The shelve that you are using should have the ability to support the kind of product that you want to stock. When it comes to functionality, the shelving material should have the capacity to withstand the product’s weight that you aim to store. When you decide on the shelf type, you need to consider the individual and the product’s collective weight. You will stock considerable amounts of the products to make sure that the shelf has no empty spaces.

Are you planning to heavy stock products? If yes, then it’s a good idea to opt-in for wooden or steel shelving, which has short shelves providing increased support. The wall units, Gondola shelving unit, and end caps are the best options that can withstand heavy merchandise. The shelves are useful when it comes to holding and stocking the products. Additionally, they can also provide a basic framework for the product layout in the store.

Retail shelves are available in multiple types and sizes! You can browse online and choose the ones that cater to your requirements. However, when you are all set to invest in retail shelving, you need to keep the following pointers in mind.

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