Shape and size of the pregnant belly during different pregnancy stages.

Every woman’s pregnant belly is different. The shape and size differences and many factors affect the shape and size of the belly. Never compare your baby bump with someone else. One factor that affects the size and shape of the belly is the body of the woman itself.

But how can you know that your belly is right? How will you know if your baby bump is of the right shape and size? Don’t worry; we will tell you what your belly should look like in the different pregnancy stages.

When will your belly show?

You must have already announced the good news to your friends and family. And now you are waiting for that little bump to make another announcement.

Interestingly the size of the baby bump depends mainly on the mother rather than the baby itself. These are factors that affect the shape and size of the pregnant belly.

  • Bone Structure
  • Body Shape
  • Times you have been pregnant before
  • Weight
  • Height
  • Muscle tone

Keep these factors in mind when you carry a little one inside you just because your baby bump is not big or small as other women’s doesn’t mean that your baby is not growing right.

Next thing to keep in mind is that if you are carrying multiple babies, it is evident that your belly will be more prominent in size than the lady having a single baby.

However, if you are concerned about your belly, do not panic and stress out, just talk to a good doctor.

Pregnant belly: From Week 1 to Week 12

During the initial stage, you will not notice much change in the shape and size of your baby bump. You will indeed feel like you are pregnant, but you will hardly see any belly.

  • Shape and size: During the first 12 weeks or the first trimester, you will only notice that your belly has got a bit round. That happens primarily because of bloating.

However, by the end of the twelfth week, you might notice some significant changes. Yes, you will see a baby bump by the end of the first trimester.

  • Expectations: You can expect your clothes to be tightened. However, you still do not need maternity clothes. You should wait for a few more weeks to go and shop for those comfortable maternity clothes.
  • Check-Ups: During the first 12 weeks you can expect your doctor to check up a few things such as
    • Uterus size
    • Weight of the mother

Another strange thing that you will observe during the first trimester is disappearing belly! One day you will notice a bumped up belly, and the very next day the bump will just vanish. Don’t worry; your baby is safe. This happens due to bowel distention. It is only because of excess gas and constipation, and there is nothing to worry about.

Pregnant Belly: Weeks 12 to week 27

Most women feel quite comfortable during this time. Usually, the symptoms of the first trimester go away in the second trimester. Your belly will not be uncomfortably large so that you can move around quickly. During this time, most women enjoy their pregnancy the most!

  • Shape and size: During this time, you will have a significant baby bump. Your uterus will look like a football! It is an old myth that some people believe is that if your baby bump is more like a basketball, then you are probably carrying a boy. If your bump resembles the shape of the watermelon, then you are probably carrying a girl. However, there has been no scientific proof of this fact. But, you can have fun with your family guessing the baby’s gender.
  • Expectations: You will feel your baby moving inside your belly. You will also experience pain at the lower abdomen. It is commonly called round ligament pain. It happens because ligaments and muscles that provide support to your uterus grow and are stretched.

Another thing you will notice is the itchy belly. This happens because as your belly grows, your skin starts stretching. This stretch reduces the moisture in the skin. Thus, your pregnant belly becomes an itchy belly! You can use a good moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated all the time.

  • Check-Ups: During the second trimester, your doctor will probably check the following things:
    • The weight of the mother
    • Uterus Size
    • Baby’s position inside the uterus
    • Fundal height (distance between the pubic bone and the top part of the uterus. It is usually measured in centimeters, and it is generally equal to the number of pregnant weeks. )

Pregnant Belly: Weeks 28 to week 40

The size of the belly is at its peak during this phase. For most women, this is the most awkward phase of the pregnancy.

Here are some things that you might notice during the last trimester.

  • Shape and size: You will feel your uterus just below your ribs. You will not gain weight rapidly during this last phase. It will feel as if your belly is stretched to its maximum capacity! You might notice any significant changes during this time; it will just look big. Many women feel high or low during this phase.
  • Expectations: There is a lot to expect during this last stage of your pregnancy. You will feel as if your baby is pushing against the bladder or lung. You can envision yourself getting irritated by frequent bathroom visits this time. You can even experience shortness of breath. That is all normal, and every mother experienced it, so relax.
  • Check-Ups: During this last trimester, you can expect your doctor to check the following things:
    • Fundal height
    • Baby’s position inside the uterus
    • Weight of the mother
    • Baby’s size
    • Baby’s presentation inside the uterus

These were some beautiful transitions that you will go through during the beautiful pregnancy phase. Of course, the process becomes irritating sometimes, but you will feel it was all worth it when you will hold your little one for the first time in your arms.

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