Sharechat launched Moj App as Indian Tik Tok – Download Moj App Now

Downloading Moj App

After the ban of Tik Tok and other apps by Indian government, various Indian tik tok alternative apps are being launched by Indian app creators. You can Download Moj App on Talkshubh website now. Moj App is the new winner among all these apps. Sharechat, an already popular app in Indian app store has now launched the next Indian Tiktik app by the name of Moj App.

Moj App has already been downloaded over 1 lakh times

Recently launched, Moj App at once got the benefit of tik tok ban in India. The new app has gathered more than 1 lakh times on the android play store and might just become the most trending app in India.

Download Moj App from Play Store

You can now download free Moj App from Play store. Following specification are of the app as of today –

  • Size 26 MB
  • Installs 5,000,000+
  • Current Version v1.0.4
  • Requires Android 4.1 and up

Moj App is from Which country?

People are searching for the original country of the Moj App. Because of recent event, people do not want to download any Chinese app and therefore theyw want to make sure which country Moj App is from.

We must tell you that Moj App is from India. The founder of Moj App is an Indian company by the name of Sharechat. You can download Moj App without any worry.

Downloading Moj App is free

The official application on the play store has no cost to download. Anyone who wants to download the official Moj Indian App, can download it for free.

Moj App was launched by Sharechat in competition of other apps like Chingari and Roposo. All these apps got popular within a few days of the tik tok ban. Government’s step of banning chinese apps came handy for them as they now are able to tackle the vacant space left after tik tok’s removal from Indian play store.

Talkshubh reviewed Moj App as a safe app.

According to, Moj App is being considered as a safe app to download. One of the reasons why it is considered safe app is because it’s parent company is an Indian company. There are all kinds of rules and regulations related to privacy in India that Moj App must comply with.

Therefore, it is safe to say that although we are not sure about what kinds of privacy are we getting when we download Moj App, we might be sure that it is safer than the Chinese app Tik Tok.

Moj App is being called Indian Tik Tok

A new term called Indian Tik Tok is being used by people who download Moj App. The term is being used because of Tik Tok’s being much similar to the newly launched app by Sharechat. Talkshubh referred to Moj App as Moj Indian App.

Should I download Moj App?

Well, we cannot say anything about that. It is totaly upon you if you want to use any app like Tik Tok. Tik Tok in itself was never a very productive app to use and Moj App is no different. But if you want to download any such app, we would say that you can choose to download Moj App then in the case for sure.

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