Should I Go To Law School? Deciding Your Future

You may have spent your childhood watching movies with lawyers dressed in suits, arguing their case with poise, and commanding respect. Going to law school may be a dream for you or something you’re actively thinking about lately.

There are numerous factors to think about if you want to go to law school. This article will examine the different considerations that will help you make your decision.

Law Is a Competitive Field

The legal field is highly competitive. Numerous students apply for law school every year, and the job market opportunities are dwindling.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 4% job growth rate between 2019 and 2029, which is the average rate for most occupations. At the same time, though, the number of law students in the future is expected to increase, which will increase the competitiveness of the field.

If you are looking to go to law school, that’s the reality that you will have to face. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing, though, and knowing this early is beneficial for you to begin your research.

Look into the job market and see where most law students are getting hired. Look for volunteer or internship opportunities to improve your employability.

Location Is Important

Practicing law looks different in every state. Why should you think about this from now? It’s recommended that you choose a law school at a place where you will want to start out your career because this means you can start establishing yourself in the community.

Community work, internships, and networking programs will go a long way in making you known within an area. Having great connections is beneficial when you graduate and are looking for jobs. This way, you will have covered more ground instead of if you have to move to a different area and start from scratch.

Your Grades Will Matter

Law is an elite subject, and it doesn’t get that reputation for no reason. Getting into law school itself is very competitive, especially if you’re aiming for one of the top universities.

Because of this, your college GPA and LSATs will matter. A lot. It’s not just whether you can scrape a good grade, but it’s also a measure of how well you can cope with the heavy workload in law school.

If you are already set on studying law, start preparing early. Find out how you can improve your academic performance at school, and go through programs that train you for the LSATS. There are numerous online resources that will help you with the LSATs and give you a glimpse into what life will be like in law school.

Research Job Salaries

Law school is expensive. There’s no avoiding this. University tuition fees and overpriced textbooks will definitely drain your expenses.

Knowing how much you will likely earn can help you evaluate if law school is worth the cost. Conduct some research into the average annual salaries of law-related jobs in different states. This will also help you narrow down your location choices and stick to the ones that promise higher pay.

Because of how competitive the legal field is, a lot of law students don’t end up practicing law. However, this doesn’t have to spell doom and gloom. The bright side is that no matter what career path you end up pursuing, a law degree is always very impressive.

Employers are aware of how difficult it is to graduate from law school. They’ll know that you’re resilient, smart, and equipped with critical analytical skills.

You can also improve other skills including excellent verbal and written communication, argumentative abilities, and more. Law school, while difficult, shapes you into someone who is capable of facing challenges with a clear head.

There Are Different Types of Lawyers

Knowing the different types of lawyers will help you find out if going into law is something you will want. The movies tend to show lawyers involved in crime, but in reality, there is so much more you can do.

There are property lawyers, personal injury lawyers, family lawyers, and much more. Going into law school will allow you to further hone in on a specialty, but overall, law school will give you a range of knowledge across different industries that will be helpful no matter where you work once you graduate.

Most Importantly, Do You Enjoy Law?

This is the most important question of all. No matter what the job market looks like or how hard it will be when you are studying in law school, all of it will be worth it if you have a true passion for the subject.

While going into law school appears impressive, it will not help you if you won’t enjoy it. Especially in a tough and competitive career pathway, going into law isn’t for everyone.

However, if you are someone who enjoys studying law, building up cases, and honing arguments, law school will be the perfect place for you.

Are You Ready to Go to Law School?

Has this article made you think twice about your decision to go to law school, or are you more excited than ever?

Take the time to reflect on your interests and the information you’ve gathered from this article. Ask yourself if you truly enjoy the subject enough to spend several years with your nose deep in textbooks and casework, only to graduate and face a dwindling job market.

If the answer is yes, law school is a great choice and will open you up to various opportunities. Start your preparations early and you’ll be able to compete in the field.

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