Should you or shouldn’t you invest in billboards for advertising?

Do you know what billboards are? Well, let us give you a simple example. Drive towards a lone country with only greenery around and not a soul in vision. And suddenly you see a poster of “grandma’s kitchen to the right”. Well, as you take the right, you see another poster saying it’s to the extreme corner. You drive ahead being attracted to that captivating food image and direction. Well, precisely, these are billboards. These are what draws clients to the business. Having their roots back in the 18th century, these have been the best and most effective ways of advertising for years. And even today, you’ll find the importance of billboards acknowledged across the world and is used largely by businessmen for brand promotions.

Helping you take the decision to invest or not in billboards!

As a wise businessperson, you should be very sure before any investment. And even investing in billboards is included in this decision. You should know if your marketing strategy is good enough to get you good results because of it, or if there are any shortcomings in this procedure, what are they! So, let’s quickly study the positive and negative sides to it to help you decide faster.

Billboards grab the passing persons’ attention — Well, billboards are that red head and prankish little cousin of yours that grabs the attention of everyone! You just have to place it with the right details, and you’ll see customers pouring in from all sides. And what’s more exciting? You’ll see that your customers do remember you even after a long time because of that billboard being in their long term memory!

They provide location-based exposure — If you are specifically a businessperson who is targeting a certain area for customers and exposure, then billboards are an ideal choice of branding for you.

Billboards represent your brand precisely – Would you remember the spelling of your favourite brand when anyone wakes you up in the middle of the night and asks the same? Well, you’ll hesitate for some minutes before finally giving the right answer. But you’ll easily recognise your favourite shop’s logo or billboard (when you are told to recognise the same) in a second. Well, that’s the power of a billboard. It actually represents your brand completely and most often your customer recognises you because of it. Also, the details mentioned in it are the tell-tale of your brand and its specifications which bring you lots of spontaneous response.

The wrong details spoil the game — How attractive your billboard may be, remember that it’s still a static image of your brand that is representing you very strongly. If you aren’t putting the right details, then this board gets totally wasted and it won’t bring the desired results expected from it. The best way to do it right is by contacting professionals like World Advertising for signage in Sydney. They excel in designing the most practical and best kinds of signages – be it billboards, digital boards, etc. The boards designed by them are sure to bring you great returns.

They tend to get blocked easily —Static billboards located at a certain location are very much prone to getting blocked by a car or any other vehicle or branch of a tree, etc. Imagine if the next-door businessman puts up a bigger board near it, then your customer won’t be able to view yours, and obviously the billboard gets wasted in this situation. So basically, unless a  billboard is clearly noticeable, it won’t serve the purpose that it’s designed for!

The risk of ad blindness remains – Do you know what ad blindness is? Well, it’s the condition in which your billboard or advertisement stays for so long in the place that people tend to ignore it intentionally. Basically, it brings you more negative responses than positive ones. This is the reason why you are always suggested to keep changing your advertisement creatives and campaigning strategy and even the billboards portraying the same and the location thereof regularly. But you can always get over this drawback if you are paying attention to your marketing strategies regularly.

After reading these positive and negative features of a billboard, you would have easily concluded on whether you should invest it or not. If you believe us, we are certainly in support of it; but again, the ideal design and right placement and the proper execution of the strategy is the key requirement!

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