Spend Staycation with These Nostalgic Games

It is only understandable to feel sad when plans don’t push through. The vacation you’ve planned with family members could not happen this year. Thus, this is not the year to go out with friends and family members. The only alternative left is a staycation. What about a staycation? It is the act of doing a vacation from whatever keeps you busy while not going anywhere. It means you are stuck in the same place geographically. The only alternative you can do is do home-cooked meals, create outdoor games, and perhaps watch a Netflix marathon.

Go Back to The Time When Things Were Simple and Gentle.

You can also do in all the free time you have is getting into the best nostalgic games online. Do they still exist? Well, the good news about these games is they are very much around. It doesn’t matter whether you are using a Mac or a PC. These nostalgic games are within reach of a button.

Yes, times have changed. We are not just talking about the evolution of technology. We also mean how people consume media. There is too much information and too many things to do. Note that quantity doesn’t mean quality. A retreat to your favorite book, music, or online game can be a source of comfort. Nostalgia provides us with a reference point. Humans compare the times that make us happy to those of our current situation. So, if the world feels uncertain, then you can go back to your favorite nostalgic games. 

The Best Nostalgic Games are Within Your Reach.

There are hundreds and perhaps thousands of nostalgic games all over any platform. However, there are currently 20 best nostalgic games around today. These 20 nostalgic games are proven to be the source of pleasure among internet media consumers. These games seemed to have fallen off in favor of mobile games. However, there is the latest craze to revive them. There are a few reasons to think about why people are getting back to them.

  • Simplicity and fun: These games have simple designs. There’s less clutter, and this means more fun. These games don’t take too much of your computer memory or graphics resource because of their size. You can access these games, and you can leave and look for other games if you want to. These games are also simple that anyone can play and enjoy them. 
  • They are comfortable: Current games are complicated. They also take so much time to play. These nostalgic games are accessible. Any age group can play them, and they don’t take so much time. There’s nothing much to do to play these games. The commands are simple. They are also wholesome that you won’t be bothered to let your kids play with them. 
  • They can bring out the old you: Have you forgotten what it means to feel happy and carefree? Then it is time to play these simple games. Nostalgia is a beautiful thing. It is a recharger. When you are stress, you simply tap into your childhood, and all troubles go away. Doing online games will increase your productivity and make you feel more positive around friends and family members.

How to Play Them

There are nostalgic games that can be played online or downloaded to your computer. You can also play them with older computers as they don’t take too much RAM or graphics card. There are instructions at the beginning of the game. Navigation is easy, as you are only required to click a few buttons or keys to start the game.

Examples of Nostalgic Games

Games like Club Penguin, Toontown, Impossible Quiz, Barbie, Beauty Studio, and Neopets were staples among high school students of the 2000s. The graphics are simple. Like songs, these games draw you back in time. It is like visiting an old friend and realizing neither one has left or changed. Other games like Snood, Webkinz, Lemmings, and Bloons require hitting and moving. There are strategic games like Poptropica, Zack and Cody, Rainbow Unicorn Attack, Bueno Rufus, Kim Impossible, and Roller Coaster Tycoon that require extra brainpower. These games are fun and if you are not careful, can make you spend hours and hours at your computer. Stardoll is another fun game that makes you enjoy the joys of dressing up. Nostalgic games are here to stay, as more people want their kids to have a wholesome upbringing. These games are also safe because they are not intrusive, unlike current games that require players to communicate with other players. 

With all these games in mind, a staycation is not really a bad thing. These games can be an icebreaker after a great family dinner. If you are searching for a wholesome match for your kids, then maybe you should get into nostalgic games.

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