Star Trek Picard’s Brent Spiner on That ‘Gentler Exit’ and Why He’ll Never Play Data Again


[Warning: The following contains spoilers for Star Trek: Picard’s season finale, titled “Et in Arcadia Ego: Part 2.” Read at your own risk.]Star Trek: Picard’s emotionally billed Year one finale marked the end of an period, with a single enthusiast-beloved dying although an additional was reborn. The episode started with the Tal Shiar prepared to wipe out all artificial daily life on Soji’s (Isa Briones) home world, Coppelius. But with support from a dashing Riker (Jonathan Frakes), who swooped in for the final-minute save, Picard (Patrick Stewart) and his staff were being in a position to ward off the Romulan military. Even so, the daring standoff charge Picard, who’d been suffering brain problems just after staying assimilated into the Borg, his lifetime. But that was not the conclude for the former Starfleet captain.

Picard woke up in a simulation with Knowledge (Brent Spiner), who’d been biding his time there in a sort of limbo considering the fact that sacrificing his life in Star Trek: Nemesis. Not like his good friend, while, Picard was not intended to keep there for lengthy, since his crew on the outside were being doing work on a way to bring him back. In a moving closing discussion, the longtime mates bid every single other farewell, but not ahead of Facts requested to die. The droid who was usually on the lookout to be far more human needed to endure the most human experience of all. Picard, immediately after waking up in a custom made synthetic entire body equivalent to his outdated self, disconnected the machine that was retaining his mate alive. And with that, Knowledge was gone for very good.In mild of the touching farewell to one particular of Star Trek’s most iconic figures, Tv Information spoke with Brent Spiner about Data’s heartbreaking remaining scene with Picard and why the beloved android’s 2nd dying was so fitting. The actor also opened up about why he’ll never enjoy Knowledge all over again.

Brent Spiner, Star Trek: PicardPhotograph: CBS All AccessInfo was usually making an attempt to be far more human, so it’s fitting that his closing times were being, in some techniques, the most human of all. How did you feel about his ending?Brent Spiner: I believed it was really good. It was an unbelievably wonderfully written scene — [showrunner] Michael Chabon at his finest. The two Patrick and I have been the two like, “This is superb,” and we were being each truly moved by it. It was just splendidly written, and I imagine the intent was to soften the blow of Nemesis and give Information a gentler exit than he had in that film.Yeah, he virtually blew up, which could have been jarring for some. His dying is Picard was just so touching and peaceful.Spiner: When he blew up in Nemesis, I hardly ever predicted to get the backlash [the show got] from so several supporters in excess of that. I assumed, “Effectively, which is a wonderful, big psychological ending, and he is sacrificing himself for his close friends” and that was just. But it did not appear to be to sit that nicely with too several men and women.I specifically cherished Data’s final discussion with Picard. It shut the e book on their friendship in this kind of a beautiful way. It just felt seriously satisfying.Spiner: I think you can find some thing seriously profound about what Michael [Chabon] wrote for Knowledge to say about all those factors that are fleeting, that mortality is what can make us human, and all those items that suggest the most to us by no means very last permanently.What do you keep in mind from filming that scene?Spiner: It was an whole day of taking pictures, from the minute Picard wakes up in this odd place to the last times of Data, and that was all accomplished in one day. It was a lengthy, form of emotional day. We had the fantastic Akiva Goldsman, who is a brilliant writer and director, directing. It is perhaps odd to say it, but Patrick [Stewart] and I located it truly pleasurable, at the very least I did, to be engaged all over again in a very long dialogue scene among Picard and Data. It was actually gratifying.Did it truly feel like The Following Generation, which also had all those long, pretty even now scenes?Spiner: It did. It felt pretty a great deal like we ended up undertaking Upcoming Generation. There was some thing really common about it and variety of organic that we really should be sitting there possessing that dialogue.You’ve got performed Arik Soong, the gentleman who constructed Info, in Star Trek: Enterprise and now his son Alton in Picard. What has it been like enjoying all of these different, albeit related, roles?Spiner: I just like becoming every member of this relatives. I would like to see uncles and cousins and aunts and moms and grandmothers and grandfathers, and they all look like me.Like Eddie Murphy in Nutty Professor II: The Klumps?Spiner: Specifically. Well, my hero has constantly been Alec Guinness, and in Sort Hearts and Coronets he performs just about every member of the relatives. I experience form of like that executing the Soongs, except I have not genuinely performed a female Soong but, but maybe one working day.Alton is still alive, so would you like to return for Year 2?Spiner: Completely. I enjoy operating with all of the people on the display. The new solid is excellent. Of course, to even now be doing the job with Patrick is a desire. Now you can find a character that could conceivably go on and go on, so of program I’d love to.Was it strange taking part in Alton during Data’s metaphorical funeral, portraying 1 character while killing off the other?Spiner: It wasn’t bizarre for me to be doing that since Details has now perished once before. But I feel when the scene was initially composed, Alton was not there, and I requested if he could be there for the reason that he was, following all, [Data’s] brother and he needed to be there for the ending.The demonstrate revealed that Data has numerous children, like Soji. How do you feel he would truly feel about his quite a few offspring?Spiner: I believe, like just about every father or mother, he would appreciate them all…There was a [Next Generation] episode, “The Offspring,” where he constructed a kid himself and it didn’t really work out, but it appeared like he was heading to be a really excellent father. So I believe it would be enjoyable to check out him try to grapple with a bunch of youthful feminine young children.What was also fun about this time was just how potty-mouthed absolutely everyone was. How did you feel about the swearing?Spiner: I didn’t brain it. I know some people today ended up perhaps unsatisfied with it and said, “Which is not Star Trek. You won’t be able to do that,” and other persons have been like, “Oh, occur on. This is the way persons communicate.” I failed to have a difficulty with it. But if you don’t forget in the motion picture Generations, I blurted out an expletive when I thought the Company was crashing, and so I feel it’s canon, as they say. They experimented with to make a a little extra adult version of Star Trek, and I believe that Gene Roddenberry would have been high-quality with it. At first, when we started out accomplishing Next Era, his thought was to do a additional grownup version of Star Trek. Somewhere in the first episode, the studio came alongside and mentioned, “You fellas gotta tone it down. We are unable to have that,” and so we under no circumstances did it once more. But I think Gene would be flawlessly content with it.Owning played Information for as prolonged as you have and acquiring these amazing recollections, what has it meant for you to revisit this beloved character and give him that beautiful ending?Spiner: I imply, there was just a finite volume of time that I can basically participate in Information, no make a difference what any individual suggests. So numerous individuals were being like, “Oh, you can do it. You happen to be not too outdated,” and then I do it and they go, “You are too old. Why’d you do it?” I imagine we did it in this sort of short sequences that it was great to do it, and I felt excellent about it. But I would not truly entertain the notion of carrying out it once again simply because I just will not think it would be reasonable. So it appeared correct to me to give him this more light sendoff, and it appeared suitable to me in the context of the full year of Picard and what Picard himself had been enduring mainly because of the decline of Information. I imagine it allows him to sense ok about it too. So it seemed like the right detail to do.What concept, if any, do you have for the Trekkies out there who really like this character and have supported you about the years?Spiner: I am pretty appreciative. I’m continuously astounded at how personalized it is to them and that the decline of Info was so particular. I failed to recognize it would be like that. I value that, and I enjoy them continuing on the Star Trek trip which is being made available to them now.Time 1 of Star Trek: Picard is now streaming on CBS All Accessibility.

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