Step by step guide to repairing your flat roof – Flat roof repair

A flat roof repair can be an extremely frustrating task if things not done correctly. However, flat roofs are ordinary in old homes that work well, but you need to inspect cracks and other signs of damages. A damaged roof can dismantle the integrity and value of your property. 

So flat roof repair is the only and the best way to fix these damages. Therefore, if you are facing these issues, then you have come to the right place. We are going to show you a step by step guide for a flat roof repair task. 

1.Locate the roof damage

Here are the steps to locate the roof damage on your roof.

  • Determine the distance of leak from the wall 

Firstly, you have to go inside your home to get an estimation of leakage. If you find a spot that looks wet, then use a measuring tape to determine the length of leakage from the wall.

  • Examine the roof’s slope 

Get on your roof and search for the leakage area. Moreover, try to determine how water could flow down the roof and into the ceiling. 

  • Find any punctures, tears or cracks.

Try to find the punctures, tears and cracks because they are responsible for the water damage. 

  • Clean away the water 

It is vital to clean up the area you wish to repair on your roof. The water left in part can prevent the repair material from bonding to the ceiling. 

2. Seal small cracks and tears 

Here are the steps to fix small cracks and tears from your roof.

  • Slice open spots with a knife

Slice the blister by cutting into its centre. Make sure that you don’t have to cut deeper to keep the cut shallow.

  • Apply a layer of cement 

Apply roofing cement on the damaged area. Moreover, spread the gum beyond the damage so that you can’t see the crack and smooth it out with the trowel.

  • Put a piece of fibreglass.

Cut a piece of fibreglass and apply it on the whole area. It will work as the waterproofing for your roof. Then cover the mesh with a thin layer of cement.

  • Add a layer of gravel. 

You have to add a layer of gravel over the cement to protect the flat roof from sun damage. Make sure to distribute the rocks evenly so that no part of the ceiling is visible. You should hire a professional roof repair Vaughan company to do the job. This is the best way to protect your roof from being damaged.

3. Resealing a roof 

Here are the steps to reseal your whole roof. However, it is a crucial step of working on the ceiling if the waterproof seal needs to renew.

  • Apply a bitumen primer over the roof 

Firstly, make sure to clean the roof correctly. Now pour a bitumen primer over the dome and use a paint roller to coat the entire ceiling in a thin layer. However, allow the primer to dry for at least 20 minutes.

  • Add a strip of fibreglass.

Roll the strip of fibreglass along the roof’s width, starting from one end of the ceiling. However, make sure that it level up with the rest of the dome.

  • Roll the mesh ends back. 

Now you have to curl the mesh back and clamp it down to ensure it doesn’t unfurl. Try to use something that is not sharp.

  • Paint the bitumen sealant over the roof 

Start spreading the sealant with the help of a painted broom. However, again you have to add a layer of sealant on it.

  • Apply a reflective coating 

Lastly, use a paintbrush to apply a reflective coating all over your roof. Then you have to smoothen up the surface with the help of a clean roller.

        Final thoughts 

We aim to provide you with every possible information that you need to perform a flat roof repair task. However, repairing your leaky roof can decrease the risk of further damage to your interior through the water. 

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