Stimulating Activities for People Living with Dementia

Do you have someone in your life living with Dementia? You’re probably wondering how to lift their spirits when you visit them but aren’t sure how to go about it. You’re certainly not alone — Dementia is a complicated disease, and even experienced researchers are still figuring out its complexities. One of the things that health professionals do know is that people living with Dementia need stimulating activities.

Without stimulation, people living with Alzheimer’s disease and other types of Dementia can get frustrated and bored. By providing stimulating activities, people living with Dementia will feel more relaxed and calm, and their overall well-being and mood will significantly improve.It will also decrease feelings of depression and can encourage healthy sleep patterns.

Let’s look at a few suggestions of interesting things to do with your loved one.

Animal Therapy

Animals bring so much joy to so many people. Spending time with a dog or cat can reduce blood pressure and enhance cardiovascular health. Furthermore, your loved one’s mental health can also increase just with a few pets of a furry friend. Interacting with a domestic animal releases endorphins — the “feel good” hormones in the human body that create a calming effect. 

Find a therapy pet service in your area with a quick online search. Treat your family member or relative to a few visits from a furry friend. 

A Nostalgic Interview 

Many people with Dementia have strong long-term memories. Take a stroll down memory lane and talk about your loved one’s life. If they feel comfortable, record the conversation using your phone’s camera. That way, you’ll both have the opportunity to re-watch it for many years to come. Ask them about their family, friends, work, where they’ve travelled — the possibilities are endless. You’re guaranteed to learn something new about your loved one, and they’ll feel so grateful to unearth such beautiful memories.

Take a Walk

A walk around the block can do wonders for anyone — it feels good to get out of the house and stretch those legs. People living with Dementia can benefit greatly from engaging in physical activity. A little exercise can help to diminish agitation and alleviate sleep restlessness. Regular physical activity will also decrease feelings of depression and anxiety. If your loved has arthritis or other conditions that make exercise challenging, a 20-minute walk at a slow pace with you by their side is the perfect activity.

A Home Healthcare Service 

Your friend or relative could have exciting things to do every day with the Dementia Care services from Integracare— a home healthcare service provider. Homecare professionals offer healthcare services right in the comfort of your loved one’s home. Caregivers can visit at any time, day or night, offering companionship, light housework, and other essential home healthcare services. You won’t have to worry about your loved one feeling lonely or bored because they’ll always be in the company of a compassionate, engaging caregiver. 

If you’re trying something new with your friend or family member, always remember to exhibit patience and flexibility. For example, if they’re not excited about going for a walk, suggest putting together a puzzle instead. You can also wait a little while and ask later. The important thing is that you’re there to help your loved one feel better with stimulating conversation and a hand for them to hold.


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