Stomach cancer treatment in Turkey

Stomach cancer Treatment

Oncological diseases still take the leading positions in mortality despite the global development of medical services. The good news is that scientists are actively developing up-to-date methods of cancer treatment, in particular, stomach cancer.

Thanks to medical tourism, treatment abroad have become very popular. Cancer treatment in Turkey has recognized as one of the most effective among all countries thanks to the use of modern equipment. In addition, the prices for treatment of stomach cancer in Turkey will surprise you pleasantly.

Risk factors

There are a huge number of factors that affect the risk of cancer development, ranging from heredity to lifestyle. The main factors that can lead to the development of stomach cancer are:

  • Diet rich in fatty foods.
  • Lack of fruits and vegetables in the diet.
  • Inherited predisposition to stomach cancer.
  • Infection with Helicobacter pylori.
  • Inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Bad habits, such as alcohol or smoking.

In order to reduce the risks of cancer development, it is recommended to be active physically, quit bad habits, as well as to follow a healthy diet.

When to see a doctor?

As a rule, this disease has no pronounced symptoms at the early stages. The symptoms arise when the tumor reaches a large size or metastasizes. The main symptoms that will help you suspect stomach cancer are:

  • Feeling full after eating a small amount of food.
  • Absence of appetite.
  • Sharp weight loss.
  • Nausea.
  • Severe abdominal pain.
  • Vomiting.
  • Affected general well-being.

If you have noticed one or more of the above symptoms, you should visit your gastroenterologist and undergo an examination.

Strengths of Turkish medicine

In recent years, the healthcare area in Turkey has improved greatly. More and more modern hospitals are opened every year, where patients from all over the world are treated. Turkey takes one of the leading places by the number of foreign patients. The main reasons for Turkey’s popularity are:

  • All Turkish clinics use the most modern equipment for treatment, which allows treating even the rarest diseases.
  • Turkish doctors have regular training courses, which allows them to use innovative methods of treatment. This helps to reduce risks for patients’ health, as well as to increase the efficiency of treatment in Turkey.
  • Prices for stomach cancer treatment in the best Turkish clinics are much lower than in most European countries. This allows attracting patients from all countries of the world.

How is stomach cancer diagnosed?

Turkish clinics use the latest and safest methods of examination to diagnose the pathology. This makes it possible to detect cancer even at the early stages. Methods that are used to detect stomach cancer include:

  • Esophagogastroduodenoscopy.
  • Computed tomography of the abdominal cavity organs (detects local and distant metastases).
  • Ultrasound examination of abdominal cavity organs. 
  • Blood test for cancer markers.

Methods of treatment

The gold standard of treatment today is surgery. This method can help in the treatment of cancer at an early stage. It is often used in combination with chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

Due to the availability of robotic medical equipment, such as the da Vinci robotic system, Turkish surgeons are able to remove stomach tumors of any location, as well as at any cancer stage. This method is also effective in the treatment of other malignant pathologies. In addition, it is safer for patients than the usual surgery.

The earlier a tumor is detected, the easier it is to treat it. It should be noted that Turkey has one of the highest success rates of treatment of the advanced stages of oncology of any type.

Treatment abroad

Don’t put off treatment abroad for later. The development of medical tourism allows patients to undergo treatment in any country of the world. Stomach cancer treatment in Turkey is recognized as one of the most effective.

All you need to do to start treatment abroad is to contact the operator of medical tourism Booking Health. The aim of this company is to organize treatment abroad for patients from all over the world. Thanks to Booking Health, thousands of patients have successfully undergone cancer treatment in Turkey by the most experienced doctors and were satisfied.

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