Stopping by the current state of marketing

It’s important to me to keep up with the changes in the marketing industry, so Top SEO Service try…
Stopping by the current state of marketing

It’s important to me to keep up with the changes in the marketing industry, so Top SEO Service try to visit industry events a couple of times a year. This publication summarizes the Spark conference in Copenhagen in November: the future of marketing, an example of a sales-driven brand campaign, and a reflection on the current state of marketing measurement. It’s worth reading all the way through – there’s one workshop to think about.

Marketing 2022 and beyond

In the opening speech of the SPARK conference, the CEO of Falcon, the organizer of the event, raised three themes for the future:

  • Content is “king,” but the tools we use aren’t: Technology will play a major role in implementing more targeted and timely communication in the future. The “fragmentation” of tools makes it difficult to manage the overall picture, so we do not see the impact of marketing through actual figures, for example (e.g. sales development, customer value, revenue/sales growth). This outlook reflects the speaker’s own industry and the fact that they are developing software to manage social media channels themselves.
    • Merging tools: In the same breath, there was talk of merging software. New technologies and tools are constantly entering the market that makes marketing easier, but they may solve only one need. In the future, the strategy of software houses is to find mutually beneficial integrations and extensions of the functionalities of the systems that would cover a wider range of aspects of the marketer’s work. For big players, this has been seen before (Facebook owns Instagram and WhatsApp, among others).
    • The merger of roles: Marketing cannot be the job of a marketing or communications department or, at worst, a single person who is responsible for areas that are not part of “anyone’s job description”. For example, if an expert organization wants to be credible on social media channels, there will be no “advertising slogans” in the dialogue. Communication in digital channels and in interaction with customers will be to a greater extent in the work image of non-marketers as well.
    • The profession of a marketing expert is expanding and diversifying: The ongoing discussion of marketing as a mere expense may (hopefully) give way as the marketer fluently understands the data, produces information about customers and their behaviour and their impact on sales development. The expert of the future masters’ different technologies, outlines strategies and does marketing that has an impact on awareness and sales figures. Marketing is an understanding of a larger whole, one’s own market, in which case it plays a significant role in promoting the business. Not just the activity or advertising you are saving first.“The most important qualities of a digital marketing expert: attitude, overall vision and the ability to learn and adapt”.
    • Global economic trends. Referring to the previous point, marketing is often an area that is saved in a tight situation. This means that the same results are expected with a smaller budget. And how can marketing justify its own value even in a tough situation? By measuring and understanding and developing what works.
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