Stuck without Travel during the Pandemic? Travel Insurance to the Rescue!

Ever since the flights have stopped operating, we’ve all been sitting duck at our homes with no or less travel at all. How long? Let’s figure out.

March 2020 came with devastating news for travel enthusiasts. No more international travel.

Some were heartbroken. Some took out the frustration by watching more of travel channels on TV and YouTube!

Six months later, we haven’t seen much improvement though.

Almost all countries are operating flights but with strict regulations and limited routes.

For example, if you wanted to travel to USA from India, you’d have to shell out double the money you used to pay and of course, get lucky.

Flights are very few and limited and there is a huge rush from those who have emergencies and other unavoidable needs to travel.

So, you might not find an economical solution to your flying needs.

Also, many countries have imposed restrictions on travelers. Restrictions like quarantine for seven days upon the arrival.

No travel to and from pandemic hit areas, and even no COVID certificate required in certain cases.

While this may all sound daunting, there is hope for travel enthusiasts.

Of course, COVID has struck us like anything and put all lives in danger.

We aren’t traveling because we’re afraid that we’ll catch the virus.

And more importantly, what do we do if we catch the virus?

What about treatment expenses? What if we catch the virus during the travel itself?

The answer is travel insurance. Travel insurance companies have stepped up their game during this pandemic and revised many of their travel insurance policies to cater to the pandemic.

Most of the top travel insurance companies have come up with travel insurance for COVID, and cover the pandemic just like any other disease.

What does travel insurance for COVID cover?

Everything, just like any other normal disease that is covered. COVID usually appears with flu-like symptoms.

During this time, if you hospitalize yourself, you can get treated just like the flu and all the medical expense will be covered by the company.

Of course, we’re talking about travel insurance here and most companies have their own different rules and terms and conditions.

Usually, travel insurance for COVID will cover

  • Hospitalization expenses
  • Emergency medical expenses
  • Treatment expenses and the like.

However, different companies might differ in their features so anyone buying travel insurance has to be careful about which company they buy it from.

How does travel insurance help in safer travel?

Travel insurance is a safety net for travelers, especially at this point in time. For example, if you’re traveling to USA, here are some of the best health insurance for US visitors that cover them from commonly occuring conditions.

There are so many concerns for travelers. Would they catch the virus? Would they be allowed to stay in the country if they are COVID positive?

If yes, how long? What are the expenses etc?

Travel insurance provides answers to some of these questions if not all.

It provides peace of mind for travelers.

And since it takes care of expenses for COVID just like the flu, travelers don’t have to worry about crazy expenses and taking care of it during travel.

However, precautions are a must.

Travel precautions to take during COVID times

  1. Ensure that you are using sanitizers frequently.
  2. Ensure that you have a face mask or shield at all times.
  3. Ensure that you keep a safe distance between travelers.
  4. Ensure that you don’t touch public surfaces unnecessarily.
  5. Ensure that you don’t frequent containment zones.
  6. Ensure that you don’t frequent COVID hit areas.
  7. Ensure that you go into self-quarantine immediately after traveling for a minimum of seven days.
  8. Avoid contact with other members of your family.
  9. Wash your hands always with soap.
  10. Let the health authorities know asap if you develop COVID like symptoms.

Can you travel safely with travel insurance for COVID?

Yes. Travel insurance for COVID is a great way to averse risk during travel times.

It may not remove all risks or get you covered completely from the pandemic but, it sure gives you more options.

Options like taking care of your medical expenses if you get infected. Easing your expenses during tough times.

Do you recommend buying it?


Travel insurance is a great option if you’re traveling internationally during these times. They are a wise option even otherwise.

But with the dangers of COVID lurking around, it makes sense getting travel insurance specially designed for it.

Will it be everything? No.

Will it give you peace of mind and protection? Yes.

We highly recommend you buy travel insurance during your next travel.

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