Student Guardian Visa Subclass 590 – Bring Your parents To Australia

Every offshore student who is below 18 years should be accompanied by a legal parent, guardian or custodian in Australia. The 590 Visa has been exactly designed for these people who accompany the learners all the way to Australia. It is basically a temporary visa which allows the guardian to reside in Australia to look after the child. 

Fundamental Eligibility Requirements

To apply for the Student Guardian Visa subclass 590 the applicant must meet certain criteria unfailingly. A comprehensive checklist of these criteria has been given below for eligible applicants like you.

  • This visa allows you to look after an offshore applicant who is below 18 years. In special cases, the student visa holder is allowed to be above 18 years old.
  • You should have the legal custody or should be the parent of the student visa holder. If not then you should at least be a relative of the child who has been nominated by the parent.
  • You should be able to provide adequate welfare arrangements, support and accommodation to the student. You should continue providing these privileges until the time the student is staying in Australia.
  • Make sure you have complied with the essential health requirements
  • You must also meet the necessary character requirements
  • You should be the holder of a valid Overseas Visitor Health Cover (OVHC). This criterion applies both to you as well as your accompanying family members.
  • You should at least be 21 years of age and not less
  • You should possess sufficient funds to afford all the necessary expenses during your entire stay in Australia. In a word, you should be able to cover all the expenses pertaining to both you and the student living in Australia.

Advantages of the student guardian visa 590

Did you know that your parents are simply privileged for coming to Australia with the 590 student guardian visa subclass? This is because of some of the compelling reasons given below.

  • The applicant is allowed to bring a dependent child who is below the age of six years. To reap the most out of this benefit you should meet the eligibility criteria stated above.
  • You are also allowed to study in Australia with this visa for a while. You can study any non-ELICOS program till a period of three months and not more.
  • You can study an English Language Intensive Course for Overseas Students (ELICOS) program for 20 hours every week.
  • You can accompany the student until the stay of the student visa holder ceases. This can either happen when the student turns 18 or finishes his/her course of study.

Remember, that with the 590 student guardian visa you are allowed to take care of more than one student.

Different visa evaluation levels of the student guardian visa 590

The evaluation procedure of the student guardian visa 590 is really unique. Useful pieces of information related to the same can be considered below.

  • The evaluation levels are conventionally graded from one to three
  • Different visa applications are incurred by different assessment levels. The type of the assessment level is chiefly decided based on two aspects. The first one is the education provider who they are registered to study along with. The second aspect includes the passport which the applicant is holding.
  • Applicants of the visa subclass 590 will get the same rating of risk like their accompanying students.
  • Applicants of level three are required to provide more substantial proofs pertaining to the claims of their application. These proofs should be related to crucial affairs like academic background and financial position of the applicant

The lowest level of evaluation is level one and of course the highest is level three. These levels vary reasonably according to the applicant’s risk of breaching the visa application rules.

Prominent restrictions of the student guardian visa 590

Just the way the student guardian visa 590 has its set of merits, it has its demerits too. According to the latter, you cannot do the following things with the student visa 590.

  • First of all, you cannot work with the 590 Visa Australia at all.
  • Each student visa is eligible to be granted only a single guardian visa.
  • You cannot leave Australia if you’ve brought a child to the nation who is less than six years. This implies that you won’t be able depart Australia without your accompanying child.
  • The student visa subclass 590 is not at all a qualifying visa. This means that you won’t be able to apply for another visa when staying in Australia with your 590 visa

You must know that the student guardian visa 590 is not granted to guardians of all the learners.  Instead, the student who you’re accompanying should be less than 18 years. However, in special circumstances the student is allowed to be above 18 years. This implies that the student must have some special exclusively special circumstances or particular requirements of care.

The cost of the student guardian visa 590

Eligible applicants of the student guardian visa 590 needs to pay a particular fee to get their visa granted. This requires them to pay a sum of AU$560. Apart from the main visa application fees no dependant or partner applicant fees is applicable.

What is the processing time of the student guardian visa 590?

The Department of Affairs evaluates the applications of the 590 visa on a case by case basis. The average time of the 590 visa varies somewhat between 14 days to three months. How long will be the processing will depend on the accuracy of your visa application. So, try to submit an application which is error-free and along with the right documents. The more flawless your visa application is the less your processing time will be.

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