Stylish Indian Designer Gowns To Looks Classy

All the latest weddings and festivals are celebrated with a dash of fusion of traditions and modern convenience. There is fusion food, fusion songs and also fusion decorations. So what is stopping you from adding your own brand of fusion?


Steal the spotlight with new classy designer gowns. They are the perfect combination of traditional work done on stylish designer gowns. Not only is this a trendy look, but these designer gowns are also multi-purpose.


Wearing a lehenga might suit you for a festival or even for a wedding, but it would not be appropriate for an evening party. On the other hand, stylish Indian designer gowns do not pose such challenges as they suit all traditional and modern events.

How to choose a new classy designer gown?


Here are some tips that can help you pick a designer party wear gown that suits you best. To select a new gown design, one can use the following frame of reference classified according to different body types:

Straight body shape


Women with toned stomachs, long torso, well-defined arms, and straight legs come under this category. For this body type, one can show off their toned stomach with a tight-fitting till their hips or mid stomach before letting it flow down in simple plates. One who opts for designer party wear gowns can follow this style.



Women with apple-shaped bodies have wide shoulders and heavy upper bodies with toned legs. Try looking for gowns that flow easily from top to bottom. Make sure that the gown material does not cling to your body, or it might cause unwanted effects. Simple designer gowns look the best on this body type. Make sure not to take gowns with wide necks.



Women with bust sizes smaller than hips and waists come under this body type. If you have this body shape, try to draw attention to your upper body and waist rather than the hips. Wearing slit gowns help cover the plump portion of the body.


One can also wear designer evening gowns which have two layers and are split in the middle. You can draw attention to your upper body by wearing heavy work on the top and simpler designs as it goes down.

Hourglass shape


Women in this category have almost similar bust and hip sizes with a narrow waist. It is considered one of the most desired body shapes. If you have this body shape, you can wear a straight gown with heavy work on the top and the bottom with light work in the centre. Designer ball gowns look best on this body type.

Spoon body shape


These are women who have a very slim torso and heavy lower body. Their body shape is considered gorgeous. They should wear gowns with wide necks or with 3/4th sleeves. Wearing designer wedding dress that go straight down with a middle split look good on this body shape.

Designs and colors that look classy with stylish Indian designer gowns


With the designer wedding gown trends going around, there are a wide variety of options to end up choosing the favorite one. Here are a few colors of Indian designer gowns one can pick to look drop-dead gorgeous.

Pink to the boot


Forget the cliched ‘pink for girls and blue for boys’ lines from childhood and open yourself to the possibilities of the vast world of shades. Pink is a color that can make a statement of how happy you are at a wedding. With proper detailing and perfectly matching accessories, you can steal the spotlight with your designer wedding gown.

Morning pastels


If the event that you are attending is in the morning, then do wear pastel colors. A simple designer gown in pastel colors with beautiful silver or golden detailing can highlight your cheerful side during an event. Try pastel colors like mauve, baby blue, mint green, peach, periwinkle, and lavender. Pastel colors go very well with big traditional earrings.

Floral queen


 A fitting bodice and a full floor-length skirt decorated with minimalistic yet elegant floral patterns can become the designer evening gown anyone has searched for.

Minimalistic grey


 Instead of wearing the same old red, marron, blue and black, try to stand out with minimalistic grey designer evening gowns. Grey is a beautiful color that can go well with almost all skin tones. They are classic and stylish and are the perfect color for a princess gown.

Style/types of designer gowns a woman can choose


Gowns have been a part of women’s fashion for a long time, but coupling them with Indian designs has been a new twist. Here are some types of gowns that one can choose from when trying to find the perfect designer gown.

●       Designer ball gowns


These gowns are also called silhouette gowns. One can easily recognize them by their fitted bodice, tight waist and full floor-length skirt that flows easily with your every movement.

●       A-line gowns


A-line gowns are made for people who wish to hide their tummies. It has a fitted bodice that flares up at the waist to the floor. It receives its name from the A-shaped flare it forms.

●       The empire waist gown


This gown flares up from right below the bust till it gracefully falls on the floor. It is a favorite among women with small bust sizes. It is best suited for a rectangular body frame.

●       The princess gown


The princess gown has a fitted bodice and flares out from the waist in a downward slope. The designer gown is made of soft material that easily flows along with the movement of your body.

Get the classy look by purchasing designer gowns online


Unlike shops with their limited collection of designer gowns for women, online stores provide you with wider collections and cost-efficient products. Buying designer gowns online are easier and budget-friendly.


No matter the gown you end up selecting, make sure you are happy with each aspect of the design, the neck, the style and the color that matters.

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