Supernatural Season 15: Episode 14 Serves Significant Meanings

Supernatural season 15

The latest episode of the Supernatural final season has taught Winchesters the importance of celebration and protection of the family at any cost. With the airing of the 14th episode, the countdown has been started on last Thursday night. Surely, the showrunners and the producers have done a great job by delivering the final seven episodes with a little delay. These last seven episodes will conclude the story of 15 years on the series and it is expected to have a great fight between the Winchesters and the Chuck aka threat!

Supernatural season 15 commences with “Last Holiday”

The last episode of the fifteenth and the final season of the series was aired on March 23, 2020, and it followed a halt in the filming of the remaining episodes. After a long wait, as it seems, of six months, the show is back with “Last Holiday,” which is credited for bringing the boys out of quarantine and back to life. It was a bottle episode that restricted the number of actors, sets, and other production essentials in order to make a cheaper standalone piece.

An episode that cleverly the story of the 67 Impala was probably the first bottle episode of the series, which was set in Season 11. The same feature is utilized to commence the remaining part of the final and the fifteenth season of the 15-year-old show. The “Last Holiday” aka 14th episode flourished the screen on 8th October. It restricts the show’s characters to the bunker, save for a few hilarious cutaways which shows the boys kicking down the monster’s doors with more and more force, and the simple mentioning of Sam’s date with Eileen. What makes sense is we saw no Eileen or Date!

Though the scene wasn’t necessary it would have been nice to have Shoshannah Stern once more before the series ends. From the very start of this year, many production houses have put a halt on production and filming. A few shows like Supernatural were lucky to resume the filming of the reaming episodes. One thing to mention here, British Columbia has managed a quick and effective response against the pandemic. This led the resume of filming back in July.

The safety measures and protocols guided by governments and health departments had made it difficult to gather a number of people in the same vicinity. It was the major problem many productions faced. The last seven episodes of Supernatural season 15 came under this threat too. Moreover, some of the characters miss the last run due to the restrictions imposed by Covid-19.

Small Tweaks and Changes in the Final run

It was first confirmed by Andrew Dabb, the co-showrunner, that the final run might face some tweaks and changes. It was a piece of shocking news for the series enthusiasts who have been following it for the last 15 years. However, in another interview, Dabb assured fans that these changes will not hurt the plot, characters, or the mythology of the show. What he really meant was that there will be streamlining scenes to feature fewer characters. The first episode was a bottle episode and it added to speculation on how scaled down the finale might be. One thing is for sure, the plot, characters, and mythology will remain intact.

Dean, Sam, and Jack interaction on “Last Holiday”

The 14th episode of the Supernatural season’s last run was a delightful return. It presents numerous fun gags as Dean, Sam, and Jack interact with their new bunker guest Ms. Butters. The bottle episode calls back to the past events with a couple of wardrobes and props related gags that are fun at first.

Have you noticed Scooby and Shaggy, and Scoobynatural! Surely you did if you have been following the show for a long time. In the resuming episode, Dean was wearing a purplish affair with a slit on the side, V-neck, and long trailing hat with a puffball end. It reminds us of the Scoobynatural nightgown. Moreover, the ‘underthings’ of him was a pair of boxers featuring Scooby and Shaggy! There will be more like this.

With this wardrobe thing, there are many others to be noticed as well. in fact, the opening episode packs a lot for the fans. Dean’s brandishing an automatic weapon reminiscent of the time of fast-talking gangster movies may have made you note Sam wields Mjolnir.

Moving to the next big thing from the 14th episode that you may have missed. Thor’s hammer fell out of the Winchester’s possession in season 8. the Season 9 episode “Blade Runners,” Thor’s hammer was discovered amongst Cuthbert Sinclair’s treasures. The Road So Far intro that mentions Cuthbert Sinclair has a purpose to serve. The mention of this psycho Man of Letters is no coincidence.

Wrap Up

The CW show Supernatural is back with the final seven episodes that were delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The 14th episode happened to be the first among the final seven episodes, was a bottle episode. It served significant recalls. The wardrobe has served hidden meanings as well. this episode is a chain of thrilling upcoming episodes. Stay tuned for more!

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