Surprising Birthday Ideas for your Loved Ones in Qatar

Birthdays hold a great significance in our life. While it’s your birthday or the special day of your loved ones, what matters is that you’ve enjoyed another year with your favourite people around. Sometimes, we’re not able to surprise our loved ones by physically being there due to other commitments. But, this should not limit the ways of making them feel special.

Wondering how to make birthdays special while you’re far away from your loved ones in Qatar? Here’s a mini-guide to guide you through some of the surprising ideas for planning a rocking birthday for your near and dear ones living in Qatar.

Birthday Brunch

If you’re planning to do something for your friends and family on their birthday in Qatar, just book a good brunch place. Qatar has many brunch places for a sumptuous birthday celebration. Even if you’re far away, your loved ones can enjoy the birthday with delicious food and drinks. Some of the best brunch places in Qatar are Claw BBQ, Indo-Chin, Santa Monica Breakfast Club, SHOTS, Tahitian Village at Trader Vic’s, B-Lounge, El Faro, etc.

The cake is a MUST!

There’s no birthday without a cake. Cakes are the best companion for when you’re ageing or feel like being a child again. And when the cake is extra fancy, it is sure to bring more sweetness to the occasion. So, send a beautiful designer or photo cake for your loved ones in Qatar. Find a cake that suits his/her personality or get a cake customised as per your requirements. You can order the best birthday cakes in Qatar online.

Experiential Gifting – Balloon Decor

Experiential gifting is trending. It has all the ideas for people who are far away to surprise their loved ones uniquely on their birthday. Balloon decoration is one such gift idea that will help you to adore your friends and family on their special day in Qatar from afar. Book a beautiful birthday balloon decor through a decoration and gifting website. A team of experts will simply visit the place and light it up with beautiful balloons in a stylish manner. Isn’t that amazing?

Relaxing Spa Day

While everyday life is exhausting, birthdays are supposed to be rejuvenating and relaxing at the same time. So, what’s better than booking spa slots for a relaxing birthday retreat for your loved ones. Qatar has a long list of luxury spa places. You can book a spa session at Bliss Spa Doha, Sharq Village & Spa, The Spa at Al Jasra Boutique Hotel, Four Seasons Spa, Heavenly Spa by Westin, Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara and other places.

Make a Video Wish

 This might sound common but it actually works wonders. Collect pictures and make a personalised video wish for your birthday buddy. Add a nostalgic touch by talking about the good times that you had spent together in the video wish. Send the video as a birthday surprise along with your midnight wishes. This will make your significant other feel much more special. You can also take professional help from digital gifting experts for a stunning video.

So, these were some of the ways to make your loved ones feel extra special on their birthday in Qatar, even if you’re far away from them. Other than this, you can do little things like sending over good food, booking home salon experts, sending flowers and more.





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