Survivor: The 5 Best Twists We’ve Ever Seen (& 5 Of The Worst)


Survivor has a whopping 40 seasons to show for its incredible success and huge fan base. With so many seasons, a reality competition show like this one has to keep it fresh and exciting for its viewers. Every season is packed full of unexpected twists and turns that neither the castaways or the audience sees coming.

While this keeps everyone on the edge of their seats, not every twist can blow fans away. While some are totally invigorating, some fall a bit flat and honestly just have us scratching our heads. With many to choose from, here are 5 of the best twists from the show, and of course, 5 of the worst.

10 Worst: The Super Idol

This is the beast of all advantages in the game. A super idol is a hidden immunity idol, but it allows players to use it AFTER the votes have been read. Essentially, this guarantees the player to not be blindsided or voted out.
Honestly, this advantage might just wield too much power. Immunity idols are a double-edged sword, and half the strategy (and entertainment) definitely comes from knowing when to use it.
9 Best: Steal A Vote Advantage

There are many, many different advantages that been introduced in the game over 40 seasons. While some haven’t hit the mark with fans, the steal a vote advantage is pretty entertaining.
When an alliance is down in the numbers, finding or winning this advantage definitely allows for more strategy and a fighting chance for anyone on the bottom. Votes are power in the game, and this advantage is pretty intense, definitely leading to some shocking tribal councils.

8 Worst: Redemption Island

This twist has appeared three times on the show, and its first appearance was actually the season’s theme. For Redemption Island, South Pacific, and Blood vs. Water, castaways had to navigate this twist, where a voted out player could earn their way back in by winning challenges and staying on the island.

Of course, this seems like a great idea for big threats in the game, but pretty much every time a player re-entered the game, they were just immediately voted out again. So, really, it’s just kind of a waste of time.
7 Best: The Split Idol

Idol clues are a thing of the past. So, make it more interesting, newer seasons have begun using idols that have two halves. To activate it, the player must give the other half to another castaway, and it only has power when it is returned.
Not only does a player have to share the information about the idol, but it also definitely ensures that the castaway has a good alliance. We’ve seen this burn many players, but also strengthen partnerships.

6 Worst: Idol Nullifier

While it seems like a great idea for castaways to stand a fighting chance against those who have an idol, it also kind of defeats the entire purpose of even having a hidden immunity idol, which is a life line for all players in the game.

For threats that rely on immunity idols and challenge wins to stay in the game post-merge, the idol nullifier really throws a wrench into this aspect of the game. Idols are part of the game, and we’re not sure we love being able to veto them.
5 Best: Legacy Advantage

A legacy advantage means that when a player gets voted out, they can will their advantage (usually an immunity idol) to a castaway that is still in the game, which, is likely an alliance member that also didn’t expect their blindside.
This is pretty incredible for players, because rather than an advantage going to waste, it relies more on relationships and alliances built during the game. Plus, it definitely adds for more entertainment for viewers and strategy for players.

4 Worst: Tribe Switches

Fans who have been watching the show for years will remember the days when tribes would dwindle down to only a couple of castaways, and that tribe was your ride or die until the very last day on the island.
In more recent years, tribe switches happen frequently. While this forces more strategy and relationships, it’s also pretty frustrating for players who have worked themselves into a good spot, just to have it mixed up all over again.
3 Best: Joint Tribal Council

While this twist almost seems cruel for castaways, it definitely ensures that players aren’t just playing day by day, and really tests the relationships they have on their tribe AND on the other.

Two losing tribes will go to tribal together and vote out one player. Really, castaways must ensure that their alliance is victorious, and this twist certainly makes for great strategy and entertainment.

2 Worst: Final Four Fire-Making Challenge

This twist has become part of the format of the show, and it’s certainly up for debate with viewers. In the final four, the winner of the immunity challenge chooses which player to bring to the final three while the other two compete in a fire making challenge.
While this allows big threats to finally make their way into the final three, it also kind of defeats the purpose of even winning that challenge in the first place. If they’re a big threat, they should win the challenge, right?
1 Best: Fire Tokens

While fans aren’t exactly sure how this is going to play out, as it’s a brand new twist in season 40 of the show, it does seem to be adding some extra strategy that certainly requires castaways to build strong relationships.
Voting someone out can mean another castaway gets a lot of tokens. And even more so, these tokens can buy advantages and luxury items. This will likely get interesting, and it’s a twist that’s pretty clever and fresh.
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