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Is job frustration taking a toll upon you? Are you feeling low at your workplace? Do you not feel happy working the work you do? Then why don’t switch to something more glamorous and yielding?

It’s high time you change your career! Power Bi is going to provide you all that you need to uplift yourself into a better position. It would not only bring back your lost happiness but also you will be completely satisfied with your job and workplace. Isn’t that what you dream about? Job satisfaction!

Power Bi acts as a connector and helps you to transform your data into an eye-appealing model with graphs and charts and provide accurate visuals of it. 

In simple terms, Power Bi is an interface for data visualization for the benefit of users. And it also is providing a lot of career opportunities in the present time. 

Why is Power Bi so much in demand?

Power Bi has brought a job revolution in the technical market. With its advent, a new path has been laid for the developers and engineers to uplift themselves into its domain. Microsoft Power Bi training is much in demand due to the following:

  • It’s cheap!

Power Bi is comparatively cheaper than many other cloud-based platforms. Power Bi desktop option provides free usage and it is considered to be the most inexpensive solution available in the market.

  • Act as a bridge!

Power Bi acts as a connector between various cloud-based data sources. It can easily connect data sources from:

Excel, Quickbooks, Salesforce, GitHub, MailChimp, Zendesk, google analytics, etc. that proves to be very beneficial while working with multiple cloud-based sources.

  • Easy to use!

To process the data, the users don’t need to be dependent on their analyst and adat administer. with Power Bi, they can learn and use it easily.  It helps when all employees in a company know the usage and help in making quick and effective decisions.

  • Eye-catching interface!

Power Bi helps you in giving deeper insights. One can easily analyze data from anywhere. power bi integrates data seamlessly with customized visualization. A colorful dashboard with various eye appealing features is what a user prefers always!

  • Access available to all!

One can have access to their dashboard from anywhere. the apps made by them are published on all devices. Be it android, windows, or apple phones, you can access them even in the dead of the night. No one can provide such holistic features to accept power bi/

  • Sharing of data

Previously one used to pull out data from numerous sources. Then they used to compile them. Then they are mailed to various destinations. It was hectic!

But with the coming of Power Bi, one can quickly refresh data. The data automatically gets updated. power Bi saves time and money for each business organization.

  • Power Bi can understand your language too!

Power Bi has inbuilt intelligence. It can handle many simple languages and customers’ queries. You present your query to the Power BI in your language and power Bi present the data in the visual form for each understanding.  A true friend for you!

So, now we can comprehend the demand and worth of power bi. Several skills and qualifications are required to start working with this prestigious and awe-inspiring software service.

  • Sound knowledge of data visualization

For switching your career into Power Bi, one must have an in-depth knowledge of data visualization and dashboard design.

To learn these one can read and comprehend from the following books:

  • The visual display of quantitative information by Edward Tufte
  • Informative dashboard design by Stephen few.
  • Strong database skills

If you have experience with a relational database then you will get a higher recommendation for the post of a power Bi developer. One needs to be adept in structure query language ( SQL)  or even Oracle which will allow one to hike up in position.

  • Do you know business maths and statistics?

Yes, for switching careers In Power Bi, one has to know in detail about business maths and statistics since power Bi works basically for big industries and firms.  For improving your maths and statistics you can consult booms like :

  • Headfirst data analysis
  • Headfirst statistics
  • Qualifications needed:
  • You should be from a computer background. A computer engineer or postgraduate degree is desired.
  • You must have a minimum of 4 years of experience in data preparation and data gateways.
  • You must be familiar with business analytical tools and be adept  in especially: 


  • The knowledge of javascript and SQL should be at your fingertips to learn Power BI.

To work in Power Bi you must be proficient in :

  • Flexible Handling of project documentation.

  • Creating expressions based on Data analytics.

  • Developing multidimensional models 

  • Knowledge of power tools like SQL, data warehouse, Azure, Polybase, and others.

Learn from others

To develop your full potential, you can not simply sit and stare. Try to learn from others. Read books and apply them to courses both offline and online to sharpen and enhance your skills. Watch motivational inspiring videos of different other developers, how they changed their lives, and how they have reached their goal. Follow them. One day you will be able to climb stairs of success.

  • Read!

To complete any mission, one must read to understand it in depth. Read as much as you can. Different books, journals, technical magazines would help you to focus.

Books like :

  • Mastering Microsoft Power Bi
  • Beginning power Bi
  • Microsoft Power Bi cook Book
  • Pro power Bi desktop 


By switching your career to Power Bi you will not only receive a handsome salary and much more perks and allowances in the position of a power Bi develop or power Bi data administrator but also you will feel different in a whole new atmosphere: less suffocating, and less frustrating!

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