Taking A Closer Look At 5G Health Issues or The Absence Thereof


The introduction of 5g or fifth-generation connectivity uses high-frequency radio waves to improve the speed and quality of mobile phone connectivity. It was first introduced in The UK in 2019, based on functional prototypes and low energy transmitters that facilitate high-speed information transfer using a higher bandwidth of 3.5 GHz to about 10 GHz. There has been increased concern about the ill effects of such technology on the human physiological system, some reports claiming that it can be as harmful as a cancer-causing agent, aka a carcinogen. Let us take a deeper look into what implications are legitimate and which ones are not.


What Kind of Technology Does 5g Use?

5g devices use a higher frequency radio wave with a bandwidth of 3.5-10 GHz or more. This range of frequency can be commonly found in body scanners at various entrances. These higher frequency networks would be effective if a greater number of base stations are established as compared to the 4g networks.


What Is the Main Health Concern Regarding 5g Technology?

Various publications and reports have inclined towards the negative effects of 5g technology as exposure to such high-frequency radio waves is alleged to cause cancerous implications on the users and it is maintained by many that there other several other ill effects of such technology on the human body. %g health risks have been a topic of heated debate over the last couple of years but there has never been justifiable evidence that can concretely prove 5g health risks. Find more research papers on technology at My paper writer.


What Do Research and Experts Say?

Many experts and researchers have debunked such notions that 5g technology can cause severe harmful effects to the human body. Sources from both BBC and World Health Organisation (WHO) say that after several experiments on both humans and animals, it is inconclusive that the high-frequency radio waves used in 5g is directly responsible for worsening human body conditions.

In a research experiment in the US health department, they found that continuous exposure to the high-frequency radio waves has resulted in possibly a cancerous tumor in the hearts of male rats. This was after 2 years of continual exposure to the waves. Although the researches’ verdict is that the rats affected have lived longer than the rats that were not part of the test and the same experiment had no visible effect on the female rats whatsoever, thus the results of this experiment cannot be considered to be legitimate in the eyes of science.


While scientists all over the world say that eating pickled food or preservatives, using talcum powder on the skin also has approximately the same effect on the human body. The sun’s rays if exposed for long durations of time can be carcinogenic as well and moreover, eating red meat and alcohol rank higher than 5g radio waves in causing cancerous developments in human physiology.

Final Verdict from Us

While the concerns regarding carcinogenic effects and harmful influences of radio waves of such kind, none of the reports or experiments are non- admissible and should not be considered as agents of panic as of yet.

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