Ten Best alternatives to SevenTorrents

Ten Best alternatives to SevenTorrents

Every one of us loves watching HD movies in the comfort zone of our homes, don’t we?  If you are a genuine movie aficionado and you enjoy downloading torrents, then you will know about the distinctive torrent sites. Of course, SevenTorrents is among the popular torrent sites.

As indicated by reports, the SevenTorrents has taken retirement because of the continuous fight with domain bans, copyright complaints, limitations and many other legal problems that made enormous obstacles in effectively running the site. 

SevenTorrents has taken into account over 40 million one of a kind users over the previous decade. The gigantic database of both exemplary and most recent seventorrents great quality pictures pulled in a huge number of exceptional users on an everyday basis. Be that as it may, we have as of late heard that SevenTorrent has declared its retirement.

SevenTorrents’ fans were not happy with the retirement news. The members of Seven Torrents as of late reported that they have moved its databases to a new site called “WatchSoMuch.” 

WatchSoMuch is a much-needed refresher for SevenTorrents fans that were grief-stricken with the retirement news. As indicated by SevenTorrents delegate, SevenTorrents individuals can keep utilizing their record in WatchSoMuch with the same secret password and appreciate the benefits.

WatchSoMuch intermediary guarantees a superior UI that is additionally mobile friendly. The site likewise includes a smarter and better web search function that searches more accurately and efficiently. It is likewise expected that WatchSoMuch will take an increasingly “lawful course” to torrenting with the goal that torrent fans would confront lesser downtime. 

With such huge numbers of guarantees, it is being anticipated that WatchSoMuch will turn into the most famous torrent site sooner shortly.

However, it is too early to anticipate whether WatchSoMuch will perform similarly just as SevenTorrents and will it be the ideal option in contrast to Seven Torrent. For the current time, SevenTorrents fans can pick the accompanying ten best SevenTorrents preferences and enjoy free downloading.


No rundown of current boundless free torrent websites would be completed without mentioning Pirate Bay torrents. Established in Sweden, in the mid-2000s, Pirate Bay is the biggest free download site ever. A large number of people universally have utilized Pirate Bay to download films, e-books, music, games, documentaries and so forth. 

This site is probably the best wagered for downloading free content because of its huge content of torrents.

Tragically, not every person can utilize this stage because of bans in nations like  Ireland, Greece, Germany and Denmark. In any case, that doesn’t appear to influence the prevalence and development of the site excessively.


YIFY Torrents has a broad movie database to provide. This site is not only well known for its immense torrent database but you will also likewise be dazzled by the document size of every torrent. YIFY Torrent is among the main torrent sites that offer HD quality pictures even with the smallest document size.

The site is well known for its effectively downloadable torrents and a basic UI. At the point when you talk about the best option of SevenTorrents with the best quality and assortment of substance, YIFY gives Seven Torrents the best challenge.


For those who are veteran downloader of torrent then you will most probably be aware of ISO Hunt. In case you are new to the torrent site then let us acquaint you with one of the biggest spearheading chronicles of free torrents. 

Sadly, the first ISO hunt stage was brought down because of lawful activity by MPA in the year 2013. Be that as it may, luckily for us, optional stages like ISOHunt.to  introduced the substance the first ISO Hunt servers brought to the table. 


It has gotten to some degree recognizable for torrent sites to have a shortsighted and some of the time befuddling interface, which influences their ease of use. SeedPeer is a free download site that breaks this standard by offering increasingly better functionality and user-friendly UI

The simple navigation and incredible search engine tool are ideal for new users. The substance accessible on the site is perfectly arranged and subcategorized for user convenience.


If you contrast a portion of different options with Seven Torrent in this rundown, Zooqle will stand apart as a newcomer. Be that as it may, notwithstanding its late access to the game, Zooqle has a great deal to offer as a gigantic database of properly verified torrents.

We predict an extraordinary future of Zooqle due to its focused edge-an exceptional propelled search engine with a lot of options for increasingly refined search results. It likewise caters to individuals searching TV series and movie torrents.


LimeTorrents is your fundamental, nitty-gritty, and no without glitch torrent stage. Limetorrents.cc effectively fills the void abandoned by the retirement of SevenTorrent. The site offers an enormous database of TV shows, movies and significantly more. 

LimeTorrents prevailed upon us with the assortment of substance accessible on the site and the best user experience. To maintain a strategic distance from any issues their clients face while getting to the site, LimeTorrent is accessible on various Official URL expansions including – .com, .asia., .co, and .zone.


TorLock separates its self for a larger part of other torrent sites by offering only verified torrents, which implies that when people download from TorLock they can be certain that the download won’t accompany any kind of terrible malware. 

The individuals behind the site are certain to the point that they are happy to pay you $1 for each unsubstantiated and fake torrent visible on the site.

You may feel that offering checked torrents will restrict their vault, yet that isn’t the situation! TorLock offers huge amounts of reliable fast and safe TV shows and movies. Another extraordinary thing about the site is the number of users present on the webpage consistently, which makes this website worth checking.


If you are a fan of downloading torrents but you are cognizant about the torrent website being private and safe then SkyTorrents won’t let you down. Even though its users whine about the constrained series and movies database of is site. In any case, you can’t whine much since safe torrenting accompanies its cons. 

The best part about SkyTorrent that it’s not besieged with ads. Hence, while downloading your preferred torrents from SkyTorrent,  you will be worry-free about the information’s security and appreciate the ad-free experience.


EZTV is among the most famous torrent sites today. EZTV is among the main thousand sites on Alexa. This torrent website is renowned for its enormous series database. You can also create an account here on EZTV that enables you to save your most preferred torrents.

EZTV’s site has a fundamental plan with a basic format. You will discover all the important data about the torrent and also the user experience is likewise acceptable. To monitor the most recent uploads, you can stay updated with “Countdown List” OF EZTV.


Torrents.io is your essential torrent website with all the vital highlights. It may not offer a noteworthy site viewpoint, yet the brilliant search engine reaps countless torrents from other torrent sites inside a couple of seconds only.

The torrents are isolated into various classifications to make the pursuit much more brilliant. Torrent.io is ideal for fulfilling the torrent needs which is the best alternative of SevenTorrents.

Bottom line:

You can discover numerous options for SevenTorrents separated from the above categories. However, SevenTorrent fans may not appreciate each torrent website. Why? Since not all torrent websites enable its users for unlimited download of free torrents.

Moreover, there is a promising eventual fate of the WatchSoMuch intermediary. However, it is somewhat early to foresee its future. Keep yourself updated to know detailed information about “WatchSoMuch.”

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